Calling all bikers! There’s a new bike gadget on the market and you HAVE to check it out. It’s called BitLock and it might change your life. How? BitLock is the world’s first keyless bike lock. That’s right… as in, you’ll never lose your keys again. Ah-mazing.

How does it work? BitLock syncs to your iPhone or Android, turning your smartphone into your bike key. When you walk up to your bike, BitLock verifies your identity via your smartphone. You can then lock and unlock your bike with the push of a button, as long as you’re within a three foot radius. Pretty seamless. BitLock also keeps track of your bike for you by recording its GPS location. Worried about your battery dying? No need. If your phone dies, you can use a unique binary code to access your ride.

Peer-to-peer bike sharing is one of the coolest applications of BitLock. You can give select friends or family access to your bike through the app. It shares the bike’s location with them, and you can set restrictions for where and when they can ride it. You’ll be running your own bike share program before you know it. Oh, and the app has an activity tracker built in so you can easily check stats like distance, calories burned, and more.

BitLock is waterproof, the battery lasts for five years, and it’s available in six colors. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the first batch of BitLocks is expected to ship out in July 2014. You can snag one for $99 on the campaign page.

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