It’s time to prep for Black Friday folks! It can be tough to keep track of all the wheeling and dealing going on offline, so we turned to Stephanie McCratic of for pro tips on making the most of Black Friday.

It takes an extra special deal to get me interested in wearing anything but elastic waistband pajamas the day after Thanksgiving. Also, I really want another TV upstairs so I can watch Matt Lauer on the Today Show while I’m getting ready in the morning. He has delightful hair, and I miss it. But TVs are expensive and Black Friday is a nightmare if unprepared. BUT… I have apps! So this year, for the first time ever, I will brave Black Friday with a plan! Join me on my quest to see Matt Lauer’s hair.

1. Black Friday Deal Finder by This is the ultimate Black Friday app. Whether you are looking for the best deal on a 32” LCD TV or smartphone-friendly gloves, use this app to shop by specific categories and items. Or search the deals by retailer. Black Friday by has it all and packages it in a clean, simple, speedy user experience. (Free for iPhone)

2. Foursquare: While you’re out and about be sure to check in at each store you visit on Foursquare. Big brands are getting in on the fun of Black Friday with this popular and resilient social location app. Expect to find more check-in deals than ever before. (Free for iPhone, Android, and Windows)

3. Red Laser: This is our favorite trusty old comparison shopping app. Scan a barcode, find it locally or online and even discover similar items you didn’t even know you wanted. (Free for iPhone)

4. TheFind: Similar to Red Laser, but the cool feature here is that this app sources your Facebook likes to bring you deals specific to your interests. (Free for iPhone and Android)

5. Personal Finance: This free app helps you manage your budget and track your spending, which could make for a much happier New Year. Just add your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. Learn where you spend and where you can save. (Free for iPhone and Android)

6. eBay: If you need to make a little “walking around” money before your Black Friday spending binge, list last year’s splurges on eBay and sell them right from your smartphone. Scan the barcode on your item (if it has one) and instantly find similar listings. Then just fill in the details, and watch the bids come in. (Free for iPhone, Android, and Windows)

Bonus Pro Tips:
 Get plenty rest

Drink lots of coffee (and water)

Keep your elbows to yourself

Have fun!

Know of other essential apps for Black Friday shopping? Let’s discuss in the comments below.