It seems like no one is above being enamored with French girl style. Even Blake Lively, a maternity style muse + messy braid goddess herself, is dazzled by them. And like the rest of us, she’s trying to put her finger on their elusive je ne sais quoi by decoding exactly how to dress like a Parisian export.


A new post on her website Preserve tagged “French Connection” asks the same questions *we* always have on the tip of our tongues regarding the matter: “Do French women really wake up with that ready-to-wear bedhead? How do they make the Breton stripe so eternally chic? And do they actually shamelessly snack on bread, cheese and sweets, without ever stepping into a gym? Unfair.” Unfair indeed, but at least Blake and co offer shoppable solutions to feeling more like these mythical babes: a collection of nine French girl-inspired styles all under $200.


These perfect-for-spring styles have the effortless mark of a French girl all over them, from the subtly sexy scoop back of the red striped Brynn Maxi ($145) to the baby-soft silk of the collard Elvie Top ($180). The “chic” plays out in more structural pieces like the ruffled A-line Myla Skirt ($120 — a way to hit on the French style + ‘60s revival trends with just one piece) and with understated jewelry like a twisted metal cuff and a glimmering druzy wrap bracelet. Excuse us while we start holding out breath for Blake to make an appearance in these styles, ideally while debuting her newborn girl James (?) in a Breton striped onesie. Is that too much to ask?

What are your go-to French girl-inspired pieces? Tell us in the comments below.

(Featured photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty)