We knew Blake Lively had to be quite the dancer after hubby Ryan Reynolds revealed that it was while dancing with his wife of five years that he knew she was the one. Last night, we got to see the 30-year-old’s footwork in action for ourselves when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a rousing rendition of “Dance Battle.”

But these were no ordinary dance move, friends, oh no! Instead, the talk show host and his guest took things next level by agreeing to act things out while simultaneously showing off their best steps.

The All I See Is You star was first up, showing us the most graceful version of “Trying to pretend you don’t have a wedgie,” ever by sashaying around in a manner that looked far more like a model’s runway walk than a wedgie-pick, particularly in her gorgeous lilac Roland Mouret dress. “I’ve sort of been doing that this whole interview,” she joked.

Fallon then took things up a notch with “Catching a bouquet,” fully committing to the dance while rolling around on the ground in order to duke it out for the imaginary flowers.

The mother of two didn’t come out of the battle unscathed herself, however — as she posted to Instagram, her knee took a pretty serious beating in her efforts to outdance the show’s host. “WATCH @fallontonight… to see the new trailer premier of my @aisiymovie! But mostly, to see how I banged up my (glittered) knee on-air,” she wrote.

The boo-boo in question came during the “ballerina who keeps dropping marbles.” While the actress definitely wowed us with her fancy footwork (in glittered heels, nonetheless!), she managed to bruise up her knee with some of her more purposeful spills for the bit.

She soon recovered for our favorite dance of all, though, which came when the pair gave up the competition to partner up for the “Riverdance Frankenstiein” — an appropriate choice for a Friday the 13th, no?

Watch the clip in its entirety below!

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(Photos via Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty)