Over the past few years, we have seen the number of natural skincare brands and beauty products skyrocket. One ingredient that has become a major trendsetter for natural beauty in 2015 has been blue tansy, a potent floral ingredient known for its deep blue hue. This flower is strong when ingested, but when rendered just right, it is a truly magical addition to any beauty routine. With antibacterial, antihistamine and general anti-inflammatory properties, this flower is the ultimate solution to irritated and red skin. Here are 14 of our fave products that feature this beautiful blue bombshell.


1. Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask ($48): A relaxing night in isn’t complete without a great face mask, and with a combination of soothing blue tansy and dry skin-eliminating fruit enzymes, this turquoise mask makes for a lovely choice.


2. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105): If the stunning color alone didn’t catch your eye, then the powerful, active ingredients certainly will. Retinol and blue tansy work in tandem to improve the appearance of damaged skin while also helping to fight wrinkles. It’s a one-two punch that will leave you with noticeably smoother and brighter skin upon waking.


3. May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon ($160): This beauty balm proudly wears the color of its key ingredient, but the pretty blue tint isn’t the only reason that blue tansy was added to the lineup. May Lindstorm takes full advantage of the aromatherapeutic properties of the oil, which helps to ease feelings of anxiety while also healing and providing nourishment to irritated skin.


4. Living Libations Zippy Dew Dab Acne Treatment ($40): Zap acne in its tracks by dapping just a bit of this concoction on any blemishes. Not only will the liquid stop acne from forming, but the blue tansy will erase any redness or signs of irritation as well.


5. Moroccan Blue Tansy Beauty Water ($16): Use blue tansy for its aromatherapeutic properties with this de-stressing beauty water. Not only will it help hydrate any dry skin, but the aroma will instantly alleviate any added tension or stress. Sounds like a great at-home spa day to us!


6. La Bella Figura Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum ($115): Dark circles might be the bane of everyone’s existence, but at long last there is help. An easy-to-use rollerball formula makes it simple to fight back against tired eyes.


7. Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil Roller ($26): Absorbent, lightweight and superbly hydrating, this is the face oil to try if you have troublesome or blemish-prone skin. And Herbivore Botanicals has made it easier then ever to give your skin a pick-me-up on the go with this travel-friendly rollerball.


8. Oille Natural Healing Intelligence Face Serum ($52): For a complexion in need of recovery, there’s no better option than the blend of healing oils that this face serum provides.


9. Badger Organics After Sun Balm ($10/2 oz.): A fun day in the sun can turn into a bit of a nightmare when you find yourself with a sunburn. Calm angry red skin with this blend of blue tansy and lavender that’s crafted together in a balm that will quickly melt into and soothe any burn.


10. Miss Violet Lace Water Element Perfume ($38): Blue tansy might be known best as the ultimate skincare solution, but it also smells ah-mazing. This vegan perfume uses blue tansy as an uplifting, crisp note and nice addition to the liquid’s gorgeous hue.


11. Living Libations Open Sky Eye Serum ($50): Known for its ability to ease tension and heal damaged skin, blue tansy seems the perfect choice for a serum meant to be applied around the delicate eye area.


12. Monica Hall Spa Calming Blue Tansy Cleansing Milk ($55): At the end of a long day, nothing feels better then a nice, relaxing facial cleanse. This cleansing milk works to gently wipe away any makeup while surrounding you with the therapeutic scent of blue tansy.


13. Aster and Bay Indigo Blue Therapy Oil ($32): An oil that’s all about the blue, this particular product pairs blue tansy with blue cypress, blue chamomile and blue yarrow. All four of these contain azulene, a component in plants known for its vivid blue color as well as its beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.


14. Kahina Lip and Face Balm ($44): We’re all about multi-tasking, so we can absolutely get on board with this two-in-one balm. With benefits for both your face and lips, this balm quickly melts into your skin to give you immediate relief from dryness.

Will you be adding Blue Tansy to your routine? Let us know in the comments below!

When this originally posted, we said that Osmia Organics Luz Brightening Serum contains blue tansay, which it does not. That item has since been deleted from this list.