Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Emma Watson (um, who isn’t?!) and her monthly book club picks or your book club ladies take turns choosing the title of your next tome, you probably have a few favorite ways to find your next read. But have you checked out the totally cool, super smart world of bookstagrammers? They’re just like pigstagram, except instead of taking photos of super cute porkers, they’re posting shots of their latest literary finds (totally similar, right?) and sharing their thoughts and feelings on the pick. Below, we’re sharing 10 of our current choices for the best bookstagrammers on the block.

1. Book Baristas: Enticing flat lays of lattes artfully arranged next to the latest fiction release? It’s practically the reason Instagram was invented! But Natasha, the publishing industry employee, makes sure that Book Baristas is more than a pretty face. Her love for reading is infectious — you’ll be checking out every choice from the library, for sure.

2. Swept Away Books: Fair warning: After scrolling through this Vancouver-based English grad’s feed, you’re going to want to climb into bed with a pair of cozy socks and YA read. Alyssa indeed sweeps you away with her smart, engaging commentary and has created a cool community of like-minded readers in the comments section of her posts.

3. Book Materiality: This bookstagrammer’s choices are often challenging, esoteric and require serious commitment. Her commentary is insightful, thought provoking and often extends way beyond the words on the page. Follow this fearless lady for an original and refreshing take on literature with a capital L.

4. Bibliofeed: Each week, the team behind the Bibliofeed ‘gram selects a new guest poster to spend the next seven days indulging in a literary show and tell, explaining why their favorite books are just that. Because the contributor is constantly changing, you get a wide range of tastes and styles on this feed, which makes it a perfect choice for the reader who loves a bit of everything.

5. What I Read: Charlotte reads a healthy mix of classics and contemporary titles — you’ll find Dante one day and Ali Smith the next. The London-based reader includes snapshots from her travels on her feed, so you can escape to France with a glass of rosé and a good book right along with her.

6. Book Musings: As her handle suggests, Michelle’s bookstagram feed is made up of her musings on all the books she reads. She also has a keen eye for aesthetics; her posts are as visually pleasing as they are intellectually stimulating.

7. Book Club Collective: The collective is a “curation of writers, bibliophiles, books and bookshops from around the world.” And curate they do. For September, each book, author or idea started with the letter S in honor of the month’s first letter.

8. Book Thing: Book Thing combines literature, film, art and social commentary in one well-thought-out Instagram feed. The creator will often post short videos flipping through art books so you get an insider glimpse of what’s behind the cover.

9. Book Pairings: The only thing that could possibly be better than books and coffee is books and wine, and Lisa, the Bostonian behind Book Pairings, is as much an oneophile as she is a bibliophile. While her bookstagrams don’t always include a glass of wine, they are always relatable and her recommendations are always on point. During October, she recommended a creepy book every day in celebration of Halloween.

10. Subway Book Review: Ever wonder if the person sitting next to you on the train or bus is enjoying their book? Indulge your inner literary voyeur with this black and white book-centered train ‘gram with some seriously smart commuters. You’ll gain insight into not just the book but the reader as well — think of it as a Humans of New York but for the literary set.

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