If there’s nothing you enjoyed more as a kid than frozen Push Pops on a sticky summer day, then listen up. We’ve got three magical words for you nostalgic adults : Boozy. Push. Pops. Oh yes, they’re real, and they do not disappoint in the ABV. Las Vegas-based company Buzz Pop Cocktails figured out the best way to create a 100-calorie frozen pop made of real fruit and top shelf alcohol. Hello, sophisticated genius!

The Italian sorbet tastes like frozen versions of your favorite cocktails. What’s even better is that they’re vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and certified kosher. They’re basically a guilt-free warm weather treat. The company rotates between a whopping 75 seasonal flavors, but current offerings include lemon drop martini, Moscow mule, and watermelon punch, with spirits ranging from tequila to rum and bourbon. There’s truly something for everyone. Each pop has an ABV of 15 percent (a standard glass of wine has 12 percent), so you really only need one to get your sweet buzz on.

Scope out bars in Miami and Las Vegas via Instagram to score your own Buzz Pop, or order them online for all your summer bashes — though a variety pack of eight will set you back a cool $100 with a $35 flat-rate shipping fee. A bit steep, maybe, but the pops are getting rave reviews online, with one reviewer calling them a “must try.” We’re sold.

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(Photos via Buzz Pop Cocktails / Instagram)