One of life’s simplest joys is riding a bike with the wind whipping through your hair. But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s hot out there, y’all! And extreme heat means one thing: extreme sun exposure. Thanks to new company Bouclier, riding a bike doesn’t have to mean risking a sunburn. The company was founded by Lydia Callaghan, who lost her father to melanoma. After rekindling her love of cycling, she realized that there was no good option to keep the sun off her face while riding her bike with her helmet. From there, Bouclier (which means shield in French) was born.

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Bouclier is an easy attachment to your helmet that provides great air circulation, all while blocking 98% of harmful rays and protecting your eyes. The shied can be lowered and raised as necessary, depending on your comfort level. Best of all, it easily snaps on and off your existing helmet.

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This nifty gadget has gotten some pretty cool endorsements — Brooke Shields posted a pic in the helmet and encouraged all her Instagram followers to be safe in the sun.

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Boucliere has already met their $20,000 Kickstarter goal and plans to go into production for an early 2016 delivery. With almost 80% of their fundraising goal fulfilled in less than a week, sun protection is clearly a priority to bike riders. It’s definitely something that’s going on our shopping list!

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(Featured image via @brookeshields)