bridal shower ideas

We’ve all been there: Watching the bride-to-be giddily unwrap each and every gift while we politely sip our mimosas. Or enduring the fifth “how well do you know the bride?” or “what’s inside your purse?” game this year alone. If you’re planning a bridal shower, skip the clichés and try these bridal shower ideas that the your guests will genuinely enjoy.

1. Play “Match the Lyrics to the Love Song”

Create a game none of your guests have played before by making a list of popular love songs and pulling an obscure lyric from each song. Then create two columns — one for the lyrics and one for the song titles — and have guests place their bets.

2. One Word: Karaoke

Who says bridal showers have to be civilized, ladies-who-lunch affairs? Rent a karaoke machine — or just bring your laptop and search for karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube — and rock out with the whole bridal party. Get granny in on the action while you’re at it!

3. Go to a 24-Hour Spa

Invite guests to spend the day at a 24-hour spa. Pay for their entrance fee and a massage, and let them choose whether they want to purchase more spa treatments while they’re there. Running in and out of the hot and cold saunas together is a fun and refreshing way to spend the day together.

4. Book a Cooking School

Instead of hosting a shower at a restaurant or catering hall, book a group class at a nearby cooking school, and let guests get their hands dirty learning to prepare a meal.

5. Make Bouquets

Gather flowers and greenery from your local nursery and keep them in a bucket on each table. Include accessories like ribbon, rubber bands, floral wire, and vases. Invite guests to create their own bouquets to either take home or gift to the bide-to-be.

6. Make It an Outdoor Event

If you’re hosting a bridal shower in warm weather, host in it your (or someone else’s) backyard and either play lawn games, have a pool party, or host a luau.

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