You’ve got your digital mess in order, but now it’s time to take care of the more traditional spring cleaning essentials: your home and garden. If you’ve got wooden cleaning and gardening supplies kickin’ around that have seen better days, this simple DIY is a great way to brighten things up and make the task of cleaning a little more fun. And if you don’t already have brooms, mops, trowels, and shovels, head to your local hardware store and stock up.


– wooden brooms, mops, etc

– wooden gardening tools

– acrylic paint

– glitter

– mod podge

– painter’s tape

– spray shellac

Gather all of your brooms, mops, gardening tools and colorful materials.

For all of these tools, the how-to is essentially the same. Put a piece of painter’s tape at the point at which you want the color or glitter to end.

For our brooms and mop, we allowed for about a foot of color. For our gardening tools, we allowed about 4 inches.

Now, paint! We used purple and teal acrylic paint, and had to paint two layers per wooden handle.

For the glitter, you’ll use a similar method to our DIY Glitter Heels. Brush mod podge onto the wooden handle, sprinkle glitter on, turn the handle and repeat.

Once everything is well-covered, it’s time to seal the deal. Head outside and lay some newspaper down. Use spray shellac to seal in the paint and glitter. You’ll probably want to do at least 2 coats of shellac to make sure the handle is waterproof. For the glitter, we recommend 3-4 coats.

And c’est fini!

Your days in the garden will be just a bit brighter as you wait for those darling spring buds to bloom.

And those Sunday afternoons spent cleaning will feel just a little more festive with bright purple, teal and glitter in your hands. ;)

Bonus: Your new set of cleaning and gardening tools will be so bright and hip that you won’t even want to put them away!

How do you make the task of spring cleaning more fun? If you give these a try, we’d love to see photos. Send a note to or Twitpic it up and send to @brit.