The name may sound like another location-based dating app, but Bringrr is here to help you find a different type of love. It’s the love of knowing where your stuff is at all times, of knowing you didn’t leave your phone in the house when you start the car to leave. Some people might call it… sanity?

Bringrr is a new device that wants to help you keep track of what matters. We want that too, Bringrr! It plugs into your car and looks like a simple USB charger, but it’s way more. Paired with your phone through Bluetooth, it will ping you when you start your car if your phone isn’t on you. That other ring? Yup, that is definitely your sanity calling.

Take tracking past your smartphone with BringTags, mini trackers that you can attach to anything you want to be able to locate on demand: keys, your wallet, luggage, music or sporting equipment, even your cat. Use the app to show you how close your keys are or activate the tag to ring so you can get a little help digging them out between the couch cushions.

If something wearing the BringTag goes missing — like, a pet — all other Bringrr devices activate to join your search team. If they are in range of your runaway cat, the app will alert you, giving you a virtual, real time Lost & Found community on your phone.

While that may be the most helpful feature we’ve heard of a tracking device having so far, Bringrr’s app is pretty handy too. It lets you manage your BringTags by working with your schedule. Going on a trip? Bringrr will keep track of your luggage and anything else on your packing list that you’ve attached a BringTag to. So you’ll know you have everything before you leave and you’ll know where your stuff is at all times while you’re traveling.

Even Google Glass can get in on the action.

While Bringrr may be the overachiever in this class of tracking device, it will only work if you have a car, making similar devices like Wise Button a better option for those of us who don’t have a ride. And even though we love the color palate of the BringTags, we’re hoping the next generation of tracking devices can come up with something slightly smaller (maybe even stick-on?) so we could attach them in more places discreetly. A pledge of $109 during their Kickstarter campaign got you a Bringrr and four BringTags, so we hope pricing stays around there.

It’s true, we found the Kickstarter that makes us want to fund it, receive it in the mail, hop in a time machine and give this to our mom for Mother’s Day 1992 so we NEVER have to turn the car around to get something she forgot ever. The Kickstarter was a success and will start shipping in the summer. Maybe Christmas, Mom.

What would you hook up on Bringrr? Would you use it as a pet tracker or think it’s more useful for your stuff? Sound off below!