We all have a person in our lives who can’t leave a room without losing their phone. There’s the pause, followed by the frantic pocket pat down or the furious purse search. We know it all too well, because, um, sometimes that person is us. Wise Button is here to save you (and me) by keeping track of everything we don’t want to lose ever again.

As a universal remote with tracking capabilities, there’s not a lot Wise Button can’t do. On the remote side, you can use it to scroll through photos on a tablet, play the next episode of House of Cards on your computer, skip songs from a device in another room, take family photos from your smartphone propped up across the room. Even use it to scroll through slides next time you give a presentation to totally impress your audience.

But Wise Button might impress you the most with its ability to help keep your digital ducks in a row. Admit it: you have been in the market for a remote that helps you find your phone like the one you use to find your car in a parking lot for… forever, and Wise Button is finally it. It connects to your devices through Bluetooth and even works like a security system, alarming you if your device is more than 20 feet away.

Wise Button even brings tracking past your devices and sells Bluetooth “stickers” separately ($19 each) that you can hook on to anything: Track your pets, kids’ backpacks, wallet, keys or purse up to 150 feet with each.

The colorful little banded discs look like they should adorn a dancing silhouette on an old iPhone commercial, but the Wise Button is compatible with all of your devices: Windows, Apple, Android and is meant to complement brightly-colored devices as well as business-y black or metallic smartphones. You can order yours now through the company’s second Indiegogo campaign until March 21 with delivery expected for June 2014. A colorful Wise Button rings in at $35, while the sleeker versions cost between $45 for black or silver and $70 for gold. Affordable pricing like that makes us think that tracking devices for all of our important goodies is not a far off concept. Maybe even our carriers will sell these by year end along with our phones. If 2014 was the year you resolved to never lose things again, 2015 just might be the year you have no excuses thanks to more products like Wise Button.

Would you spring for the Wise Button? What would you track with its special Stickers?