But wait, what exactly is a broquet? It looks like croquet, sounds like bouquet, and… that’s right. It’s a bouquet for a bro.

Let’s be real. Dudes like gift baskets almost as much as ladies, but edible arrangements don’t quite fit the bill. The bonsai tree was cool that one time, but now it’s just a rectangle filled with dirt. Lucky for us, the Broquet was invented.

Created with the woodsman, the pioneer, and the bacon-lover in mind, there’s a broquet perfect for any man in your life.

Each broquet comes in a galvanized stell bucket wrapped lovingly in fish net, from an actual fishing boat used off the coast of Louisiana. Packaging is made of wood and paper – no plastic, styrofoam, or any of that colorful stuff. Here are 3 of our favorite broquet picks.

The Woodsman ($84): This one comes with a sport axe, log carrier, 20-pack of fire lights, a crazy pyro-powered light show, and, of course, a steel bucket.

The Smokehouse ($49): Bacon, bacon, and more bacon! This kit legit has 6 ways for you to get your bacon fill. Bacon jerky, a dark chocolate bacon bar, bacon chocolate chip pancake mix, bacon hot sauce, bacon salt, and bacon peanut brittle. Ham on.

The Bonfire ($54): Inspired by California-style grilling, this kit is all about smokey barbecues. We particularly love the Black Cherry a-fire Grilling Planks.

All in all, we are definitely into the Broquet.

What other creative Valentine’s gifts have you seen for dudes, bros, and manly men? Let us know in the comments below.