Whether you’re planning an epic celebration, or just craving some cake, why use a boring old cake pan? These 20 creative molds will take your baking up a notch and add some fun and whimsy to your baked goods, whether you’re sharing or keeping them for yourself (we won’t tell!).


1. Peace of Cake ($15): We’re loving this pun-tastic name and the hippie feel that this pan will give your finished cake.

2. Happy Birthday ($25): What better way to say “Happy Birthday” than a freshly baked cake? How about with a cake that literally says happy birthday?


3. Giant Cupcake ($31): All the cuteness of a cupcake with all the size of an actual cake. Count us in!


4. Cookie Cake ($40): Take your cookie cake game to the next level with this epic cake pan. A giant Oreo look-a-like cake? We’re down for a bite. (image via Munchkin Munchies)


5. Cakewich ($23): You can totally eat cake for lunch if you make it with this cake pan. Just add PB&J!


6. Pi Cake Pan ($12): Pi Day has already passed, but there’s never a bad time to geek out over 3.14. Also great on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary… you know, for your Sweetie Pi.

7. Alphabet Cake Pan ($23): No matter what you’re celebrating, you can spell it out with this adjustable cake pan that lets you make a variety of numbers and letters. We’re kind of digging the pixelated/8-bit look, too.

8. Just a Slice Cake Pan ($12): We’ve been obsessed with this one since our Color Wheel Cake and we love how easy it makes prep, presentation, and clean-up.

9. Dog Bone Cake Pan ($20): Whether you’re celebrating a dog lover’s birthday, or brainstorming puppy-friendly recipes for Fido’s birthday, this cake pan is an adorable addition to the mix. (image via Slice of Fun)


10. Guitar Cake Pan ($14): Rock out with this guitar-shaped cake pan, perfect for any music lover’s celebration or just to eat at your Tuesday afternoon dance party.

11. Mini Tier Cake Pan ($26): Mimic the layered look in miniature with this tier cake pan — and create quite possibly the most adorable cakes ever. Cupcakes? Pffft!


12. Sweetheart Cake Pans ($18): We heart this! Literally bake your treats with love using these pans that allow you to fill your cake with a heart-shaped surprise.


13. Checkerboard Cake Pan ($18): Having a game night? Create an impressive checkerboard cake with this handy cake pan.

14. Summer Mini Cake Pan ($9): Cookie cutters are out, cake molds are in! We love these adorable molds from Wilton. The sunglasses are our faves – think of how many ways you could decorate them!


15. Space Invaders Cake Mold ($15): Embrace the retro geek inside with this awesome Space Invaders mold.


16. Multisize Cake Pan ($38): Looking to make a smaller cake or a bunch of different flavors at once? This cake pan lets you change the size or separate the larger pan into smaller segments so you can bake exactly as much as you want and no more.

17. LEGO Minifigure Cake Mold ($35): Have we mentioned that we love LEGO? Pair this with some LEGO ice cubes and you’ve got yourself a party :) (Photo via sjoiner_2009)


18. Star Pan ($14): Be the star of your own kitchen with this fun cake. We also highly recommend it for any E! True Hollywood Story or Oscars viewing parties.


19. Heart Cake Mold ($20): This unique cake pan creates 6 individual heart-shaped cake slices. It’s the perfect way to show your heartfelt thanks or to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!).

20. Soccer Ball Pan ($14): This brings new meaning to the term “cake balls.” Whether you call it soccer or football, you can show your spirit with this pan. If kicking the ball around isn’t your style, they also offer basketball or baseball molds!

Which cake pan is your fave? How do you add fun to the finished product when you’re baking up a storm? Let us know in the comments below.