March 14th means PI DAY! We could whip up a round of Pi Pie where every ingredient is part of a perfect math equation and we revel in punniness all day long… or we could round up the 14 silliest, geekiest, most awesome pieces of Pi schwag around. Besides, any celebrated irrational number that combines geeks and Greeks is right up our alley.

1. Hand Embroidered Pi Pendant ($16): Show your love of all things handmade and all things pi with this sweet embroidered pendant. Or grab a washer, a piece of felt, some embroidery floss and glue and try your hand at DIYing it up.

2. Pi Cologne by Givenchy Men ($35): Described as a celebration of what makes a man seductive, Pi is more than a name, it's a symbol. Naturally, the bottle itself boasts a hi-tech closure system that plays on the contrast between pure lines and perfect proportion.

3. Pi Tie Clip ($95): Did you happen to snag a binary code tie from our last geeky roundup? If so, we think this sterling silver handcrafted tie clip is just the piece de resistance to take your geek chic to the next level.

4. Pi iPhone 4 Case ($40): As beautiful as one the most classic works of art, sport your love of 3.14 with this Da Vinci style iPhone case.

5. 6 Pack of Vegan Pi Soaps ($8): We're guessing your soap dish is in dire need of some mathematical accoutrements. Enter this colorful sixer of vegan pi soaps! Fragrances include key lime, chocolate cream, pumpkin, coconut cream, cherry, and apple.

6. Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray ($13): Can you say time to make Pi Day jello shots? Or perhaps a perfectly proportioned Bulleit on the pi rocks?

7. Pizza Pi Cutter ($18): The possibilities for puns really are endless with this one. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza PI, that's amore.

8. Pi Pencil 6-Pack ($8): Remember how awesome rocking novelty pencils was back in grade school? Or even during the SATs? Bring it back with this pastel-colored set of pi pencils. And if you don't have a need for a little #2 lead, sport these as hair chopsticks and turn even the nerdiest of heads.

9. Pi Pewter Earrings ($20): Gonna dress you up in Pi love. All over, all over. These delicate pewter beauts are just what you need to math up that little black dress.

10. Sterling Pi Ring ($89): If Revenge of the Nerds culminated with a wedding, we're 99 percent sure a pair of sterling Pi rings would have been exchanged. Plus, this ring can be custom inscribed for an additional $10!

11. I Hated Math Then I Found Out About Pi ($20): Our first play on pi pie, this number combines three of our favorite things: geeking out, baking pie, and t-shirts. For more nerdtastic apparel, check out our list of 15 tees for the Facebook generation.

12. Leather Pi Hip Flask ($21): Math and alcohol. An obvious match. This smokin' flask is hand dyed, and the Pi pattern hand-engraved into the leather.

13. Pi Solid Steel Bottle Opener ($15): "Pry off the cap with the sixteenth greek letter, and imbibe."

14. I Heart Apple Pi ($9): Mac + Pi + Pie = WIN! We really do heart apple pie. ;)

Got any pieces of pi that we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter.