While some folks are protesting Trump鈥檚 election and others are just doing their best to comfort each other, there are those who are ready to pack up and leave. Or rather, they鈥檙e ready to split from the States and join our northern neighbors. If you have any friends on the west coast, you might want to give 鈥榚m a wave goodbye, because California wants to join Canada (and Canadians are totally into the idea).

Plenty of peeps in the country鈥檚 most populous state (as well as the third most extensive by area) are ready to secede and join our neighbors to the north, who are perceived to be more progressive and liberal than the US in its current sitch. The movement has even sparked its own hashtag: #Calexit.

Though some seem to think Cali actually needs to move鈥

Others are willing to plead their case鈥

And there are just as many Canadians who like the sounds of Cali+Can鈥

Oregon and Washington are also welcome鈥

You never know. It could happen鈥

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(h/t BuzzFeed)