Camila Alves Shares Target Back-to-School Shopping Must-Haves
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Camila Alves Shares Target Back-to-School Shopping Must-Haves

Back-to-school season is here and in full swing, with folks flocking to grab the latest back-to-school outfit essentials and figuring out how to mitigate the annual back-to-school stress. For model-designer and mom of three Camila Alves, this year’s back-to-school season has been all about her new role as a Target Mom representative and, of course, getting kiddos Vida, Levi and Livingston ready for the new year.

“I’ve always loved shopping at Target,” Alves told us, “so when the opportunity came up to partner with Target, I couldn’t say no!”

Fair enough!

In fact, the 34-year-old’s new flash-frozen baby and toddler food line, Yummy Spoonfuls, is available exclusively at Target stores. And it comes as no surprise that Target is her must-stop shop for back-to-school goodies. “Knowing how important a healthy lunch is for my kids, I always purchase the FUNtainer Food Jars and Thermoses,” she explains. “They are perfect for keeping food and drinks fresh and cold for a long time!”

We chatted with the superstar about her new partnership with the beloved superstore, back-to-school shopping and the routines of a busy working mom on-the-go.

Brit + Co: First things first! What’s the first thing you do every morning? 

Camila Alves: I pray and then make double bag Yerba Matte tea.

You’re all about Target, and now you’re working with the store. So we have to ask: What’s the last item you got at Target? 

My latest Target run was actually to pick up some school supplies for my kids. Knowing that I was headed to Rio for the Olympics, I wanted to get some of my shopping done early. My kids’ favorite purchases that day were the Embark Jartop Backpacks and Crushproof Lunch Boxes. They love matching the backpacks and lunch boxes together. Plus, you have to love that they come with a one-year guarantee, so you know they’ll last.

It’s so cool that you got to go to Rio! What was your favorite part of the Olympics?

To experience diversity in such a united way and to watch the best athletes from all over the world was an experience I will never forget. For me, watching the journey of an athlete who has worked and dedicated their entire life for that one moment of winning a medal, and then watching them live that moment, was magical. To see excellence right in front of your eyes is something you don’t get to experience every day.

And now you’re back at home. What is your go-to thing to cook when you’re not on the road?

 I love to cook fish when I am home, and my kids’ favorite dish is the honey chicken that I make.

Hands-on! That’s what we’re all about at Brit + Co. Speaking of which, do you have any DIY projects on the go?

Target has a new line of Bethany Mota DIY supplies that lets kids personalize all of their notebooks and school supplies. I think it would be fun to help my kids style and accessorize their notebooks before the school year starts. 

Fun! You seem to really enjoy doing cool stuff with your kids. 

Motherhood has taught me that my brain can still function on a very small amount of sleep.

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