See Matthew McConaughey Act Out the Entire Range of Emotions You’ll Feel While Watching the Olympic Games
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See Matthew McConaughey Act Out the Entire Range of Emotions You’ll Feel While Watching the Olympic Games

When it comes to the 2016 Rio Olympics, the event’s sidelines have proven to be almost as eventful as the actual sports showcased, quickly becoming an unofficial event in and of itself. From Michael Phelps’ epic mad face, to Aly Raisman’s parents, who pulled some hilarious chair moves while watching their daughter compete, it’s been a pretty wild ride so far.

Now, there’s another famous face drawing our attention away from the athletes and into the stands: Matthew McConaughey.

On hand with wife Camila Alves to cheer on Team USA, Matt not only hung with the likes of gold medalist Michael Phelps, as he tweeted above, he also took time out to act out the entire rollercoaster of emotions we’ve all been experiencing while watching the games, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. Check out some of his truly riveting work below.

1. When you’re waiting for the events to start. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

2. When your friends are running late and you need to save them 20 seats at the bar. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

3. When you’re overcome with patriotism. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

4. When you’re trying to signal the bartender for a drink but you can’t look away from the TV. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

5. When you’re giving the play by play to your friend because they’re stuck at work. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

6. When you skip dinner because you simply can’t look away from the action but you need to stress eat. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

7. When your favorite athlete is getting their a** beat and you’re too worked up to sit down. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

8. When you’re super annoyed because the couple next to you that’s cheering for the other team won’t shut up. (Photo via Phil Walter/Getty)

9. When you’re overcome with nerves. (Photo via Clive Rose/Getty)

10. When you realize your team lost and you need to be comforted. (Photo via Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

11. When your team wins and you stop to take a celebratory selfie to document the fact that you witnessed it. (Photo via Mike Erhrmann/Getty)

12. And finally, when Michael Phelps takes home the gold like you knew he would. (Photo via Clive Rose/Getty)

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)