When we think of the cities of the future, our thoughts may not immediately turn to Copenhagen… but they should. The Danish city is leading the charge in green technology and city infrastructure that could make it carbon neutral by 2025. And that’s very good news for the environment and our society.

The main change that’s leading to this carbon neutrality comes from LED streetlights, which brighten only as vehicles approach and dim after they pass. This network of lights, which is part of a citywide grid of sensors enabled by WiFi, cuts the use of fossil fuels and eases mobility.


The network will eventually serve other functions, like telling sanitation when to empty cans and informing bikers if their path is safe. The LED sensors use significantly less energy and can also hook up to software, allowing for this integrated and totally sci-fi approach to urban experience.


Other cities worldwide are expected to replace over 50 million aging light fixtures with LED in the next three years, though most of these efforts come from Europe. Is it time that we saw these same changes in America? We definitely think so.

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(h/t New York Times)