Sure, San Francisco is spread out, but did you ever think you’d need to take a boat from the Mission to the Presidio to visit Brit HQ in Union Square? You don’t need to worry about that yet, but it could be a possibility in the distant future.

Bay Area blog Burrito Justice enlisted the help of cartographer Brian Stokle to design a fantasy map of what the city could look like after 200 years of rising sea levels. The results are pretty insane.

While a drastic change in sea levels this large probably won’t be happening soon enough for us or even our children to see it, it’s still interesting to imagine how our future city could look if climate change keeps heading in its present direction.

In this future, taco boats gather around piers to sell their wares, and the Mission is a scuba diving site. Ferries handle transportation between the major islands of the newly dubbed San Francisco Archipelago. Houses float over Noe Valley. And yes, rent is still just as high, and homes are still just as tricky to find. Guess some things never change.

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