Cards Against Humanity has become the go-to party game in recent years. With countless expansion packs and hilarious stunts 鈥 like last year鈥檚 $100,000 鈥渂leak hole鈥 鈥 this year, the company has combined a holiday stunt promotion with a way to disrupt President Trump鈥檚 plans to build a US-Mexico border wall.

The game company has launched 鈥Cards Against Humanity Saves America.鈥 For $15, buyers will receive what the company鈥檚 website describes as 鈥渟ix surprises in December鈥 while also donating to the company鈥檚 recent purchase of a plot of land along the US-Mexico border. The company鈥檚 stated goal in purchasing this large patch of land is to bog down the President鈥檚 attempts at building a border wall by making the project 鈥渁s time-consuming and expensive as possible.鈥

Each $15 contribution will be used to help compensate for the land purchase; portions of each purchase will also be put toward Cards Against Humanity鈥檚 legal fund. As for exactly what buyers鈥 鈥渟ix surprises鈥 will be, Cards Against Humanity has dropped a few hints.

鈥淥n Day 1, all Cards Against Humanity Saves America recipients will get an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, some new cards, and a few other surprises,鈥 they said on their website.

While we don鈥檛 know exactly *where* the plot of land is, hopefully, all will be revealed in the coming days. The mystery seems to be part of the appeal: Since launching late on Tuesday, Cards Against Humanity Saves America has already sold out.

Besides the 2016 bleak hole stunt, Cards Against Humanity鈥檚 recent promotional campaigns have included 2014鈥檚 鈥Bullsh*it鈥 pack, which involved the sale of actual you-know-what from actual bulls, and 2015鈥檚 鈥Buy Nothing,鈥 campaign, where the company successfully sold 鈥渘othing鈥 to fans. The 2014 promotion donated the gimmick鈥檚 proceeds to an organization called Heifer International, a charity that buys cows and other farming equipment for people living in dire need around the world.

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(Photo via Cards Against Humanity)