Hey all! Irene here. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of care packages, you understand how awesome they are, especially if you’re in a long-distance friendship. Part of adulting is the bittersweetness of moving away from your friends for college, jobs, marriages, etc. On one hand, it’s so exciting to see everyone start new life chapters; on the other hand, my heart is screaming, “Don’t leave me!!!!” So if you and your bestie are separated by too many miles to count, show some love by sending her a care package! To help you out, we teamed up with Studio Ink to compile a list of must-have items for the ultimate care package. Read on!


1. DIY a Confetti Clutch: I am a huge proponent for confetti for all circumstances because colorful, sparkly things floating in the air livens up any occasion. For your best friend, DIY this adorable clutch so that she can carry a confetti party wherever she goes.


2. Nail Polish: One of my childhood best friends moved to Arizona for med school (sad face). I’m planning on sending her a care package full of goodies that’ll help her de-stress. I think most of us can agree that painting our nails is a helpful de-stresser. Be sure to pack a couple nail polish bottles in your bestie’s fave colors.


3. Homemade Cookies: Am I right to say that homemade cookies are one of the biggest joys in life? (I think so!) Whip up a batch of your bestie’s favorite cookies to make the care package extra personal.


4. Studio Ink Greeting Cards: No care package is complete without a handwritten card. Studio Ink has an awesome collection of colorful, quirky and sassy cards that your best friend will definitely appreciate. For extra best friend brownie points, include a card that corresponds with each of the care package goodies and write about how each gift has a special meaning for you two.


5. DIY a Tassel Keychain: Tassels are cute, on trend and super easy to make. Don’t let your best friend’s accessories go naked, by making and sending her a tassel keychain.


6. Candles: Some people can never have enough shoes. I’m someone who can never have enough candles. There’s something about lighting a scented candle that instantly makes a place feel homey. If your friend just moved to a new place, candles are a must. Points if you DIY them yourself.


7. CD of Throwback Tunes: CDs are pretty retro in this day and age, but they’re perfect for care packages. Burn a CD of songs that you and your friend jammed out to back in the day. Your friend will love it; I promise :)


8. Photos of You and Your Friend in Paint-Dipped Frames: Take a stroll down nostalgia lane by printing out some photos of your favorite memories with your friend and framing them in these DIY paint-dipped picture frames.


9. DIY Watercolor Scarf: If you’re packing delicate items like a candle or picture frame, you’ll probably want to wrap them up in some packing material. What if the packing material was another present… like this super adorable scarf? Make this easy watercolor scarf to show extra love to your BFF.


10. Washi Tape Accessories: Cute office supplies are always a great gift, especially if your friend just started school and could use pretty desk accessories. An easy way to amp up any notebook, clothespin or mousepad is by adding washi tape to it. Wrap some office supplies in cute tape and you’re good to go!


11. Tea: Show your friend that she’s your cup of tea by adding some tins of tea in the package.


12. Wrap Your Package: Make your care package beautiful on the inside and the outside by wrapping it with beautiful paper, ribbon or bows. Get crafty with it, but make sure everything is taped down so the wrapping doesn’t get ruined in the mail.


Best friends <3

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This post is a collaboration with Studio Ink.

Author: Irene Lee