Now that Christmas planning is officially over and the gift giving has come to a halt, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve outfits! We’re huge fans of the glitz, glam and anything sparkly (check out this DIY disco ball skirt) so it’s the perfect time to throw some confetti and celebrate. This year, bring the confetti with you wherever you go with this confetti clutch. This project takes a bit of sewing knowledge, but it’s great for beginners. Grab the party poppers and disco balls, you’re going to need them for this DIY!



– clear vinyl

– thin leather fabric

– white thread

– confetti

– zipper


– sewing machine

– sewing pins

– ruler

– pencil



1. Cut out two pieces of leather and piece of vinyl in the size you want to make the bag. Leave 1/4 inch for seam allowance.

2. Put one piece of leather and one piece of vinyl on top of one another and sew the zipper, pull-side down, to the top. Take the other leather piece and sew it to the other side of the zipper.

3. Flip over the zipper so the pull is facing upright and sew a top stitch along the edge of the bag.

4. With the bag inside out and the wrong sides of the fabric together, sew 2/3 of the remaining open sides. Use the last open side to pour and sandwich the confetti between the vinyl and the leather.

5. With wrong sides together still, sew the last remaining open side. Turn the whole bag right side out and rock it with your NYE look!


When sewing on the zipper, make sure your vinyl and leather are lined up perfectly so the bag doesn’t end up being crooked. Use pins or tape if you need to to keep the fabric from shifting while sewing.


The top stitch on the outside of the bag is important to help keep the zipper area from bunching up and to keep it lying flat.


Add as much or as little confetti as you want to the inside of the vinyl before closing off the last edge and finishing up the bag!


Put on your sequin dress and get ready for a night full of sparkle!


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