We spend a huge part of our lives at work, so it only makes sense that we’re as well-equipped as possible to be our best selves when we’re there. We sometimes need a little extra boost to help us fake it ’til we make it or to stay at the top once we’ve gotten there. Below are some spectacular gift ideas for the #girlbosses in your life that will help them chase their dreams and beyond, whether they’re your intern, your CEO or someone on their way to being one.

 Gifts for Corporate #Girlbosses


1. Ringly Dive Bar ($195): For the career gal who’s practically superglued her phone to her hand, this Ringly Bluetooth ring is a necessity. The ring pairs to your smartphone and lets you receive customized notifications through a subtle light and vibration, all while looking chic, sophisticated and totally covert.


2. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso ($10): This New York Times bestseller recounts the story of how Sophia Amoruso turned checking IDs in the lobby of an arts school into a $250 million fashion empire. It’s equal parts inspirational and aspirational for any corporate dreamer in your life.


3. Classic Nylon Laptop Zip Sleeve ($75): Climbing that corporate ladder requires drive. Help get your workaholic where they need to go with this ultra-adorable Kate Spade laptop sleeve designed to fit any 13-inch laptop.


4. Takenaka Bento Box ($34): Thanks to you, your fave boss will be the envy of the office lunch room. The range of colors and sizes are the perfect pop-of-color departure from brown-bag boringness.


5. Slim Maple Business Card Holder ($55): Networking is vital to corporate survival. Give your corporate cutie this slim business card holder in beautiful maple this holiday, so they’re never unprepared for business serendipity.

yoga work pant

6. Yoga Dress Pant ($78): These pants are wildly comfy and transition flawlessly from workout to tackling a meeting downtown. Plus, they come in tons of cute colors.


7. Signature Pen ($40): Pens are an essential component of anyone’s job. Whether she’s old school and prefers pen and paper or keeps them as backup for a dead phone or computer, this beauty will keep track of her ideas in high style.


8. Copper Desk Accessories ($60-$85): Move over, gold! Enter our favorite new addition to the metallic game: copper.

Gifts for Small Business Owners


9. I Am Very Busy Pouch ($12): Making your own hours is great in theory, but it usually means you end up working around the clock. This one-of-a-kind pouch lets your worker bae know you love them and adds whimsical charm to any office.

i will

10. I Can/I Will Notebook ($6): Ladies running their own business are some of the most wonderfully ambitious gals around. Give them a gift that speaks to their soul with this double-sided notebook.

Hello White

11. Custom Business Cards ($20+): Business cards are essential, but also easy to skimp on when you have a ton of other competing interests. Help her make all the difference with these custom cards from Moo.


12. Kate Spade Card Holder ($30): Who wouldn’t want to talk shop with whoever sits behind the desk of this chic business card holder? It brings instant coolness cred.

Untitled 2

13. A Day in Tea Set ($27): For the small business owner who always seems to have a cup of tea in her hand, this tea set is a must-give. From rise-and-shine Big Ben to rest-and-relaxation The des Songes, every tea is carefully curated for whatever your workaholic needs.


14. 2016 Office Essentials Desk Calendar ($18): Okay, we know it’s cliché to give a calendar at Christmas, but this adorable desk calendar is too cute to pass up. Featuring cute doodles of office necessities, it’s the perfect accessory to make any office more homey.


15. Day Dream Print ($30): Remind your small business bestie to never quit their daydream-turned-day-job with this exclusive print from Pink Olive.


16. Travel Case Set ($105): It would be hard to not stay organized with this duo of bright, impossible-to-miss, monogrammed travel cases. It’s the perfect idea for the #girlboss who’s always taking meetings.

Gifts for Job-Hunters


17. Get It Girl Weekly Deskpad ($15): Keep job postings, business meetings and interviews organized with this cute weekly deskpad that reminds you to go out and get it.


18. Don’t Forget Sticky Notes ($14): There is no forgetting that last-minute interview with this oh-so-pretty sticky note block set!


19. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2016: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles ($12): For anyone on your list that’s looking for a career change, this book is a no-brainer. It’s the world’s most popular job-hunting guide, with more than ten million copies sold!


20. Copper French Press ($40): Good mornin’ to ya! Clearly, copper is having a moment, and this French press is the perfect thing to perk up their AM rituals.


21. Idiom Pencils ($20): Make resume writing more bearable with these idiom pencils by cutesy maven Kate Spade. Each set comes with 10 unique phrases, from “To whom it may concern” to “55 words per minute.”

22. LinkedIn Upgrade ($20+/month): LinkedIn subscriptions are a great way to give a boost to a babe on the job hunt, allowing them to see more opportunities and connect with more people.


23. Green Tea Box Set ($65): There is officially no excuse for her to not get those antioxidants in. These are the perfect dose of healthiness (and caffeination!) when your BFF desperately needs it.


24. Rejuvenation Gift Set ($42): Looking for a job is stressful, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Give your job seeker a day of rest with this rejuvenation gift set featuring Juniper bathing salts, a Juniper and green clay facial mask, a cool salve all-purpose healing balm and a grapefruit lip balm.

Gifts for Interns


25. Pack to Basics Lunch Bag ($20): For the ultimate foodie-on-a-budget, this twist on a classic brown paper bag is crafted from sturdy, tear-resistant, leak-proof material with a crinkled finish. It makes intern lunches a thing of beauty.


26. Russel + Hazel Artisan Journals ($12): There is no excuse for a lack of creative flow with this artsy journal. It will make getting through that holiday to-do list much more enjoyable.

everlane pack

27. Everlane Backpack ($68): There are a million strings to tie up and a zillion things to figure out and tons of places to be when you’re on the intern grind. Zoom around town with all your things on your back and look awesome with this water-resistant backpack.


28. Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($50): Every intern needs a good pair of headphones for their daily dose of musical inspiration. These Urbanears stunners are packed with the latest breakthrough tech.


29. I Don’t Know How to Cook by Mary-Lane Kamberg ($17): Gone are the weeks on weeks of ham sandwich lunches. This beginners’ guide to cooking features everything from granola to gazpacho and is a sure-fire way to impress the whole office.


30. Holiday Cookie Gift Pack ($35): You can’t go wrong giving anything food related to the intern. Help her earn brownie points with a gift the whole office can enjoy.


31. But First, Coffee Thermal Mug ($14): Learning to wake up early can be rough. Make life a bit easier for your early-riser with this must-have insulated thermal mug from Bando.

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With additional reporting by Cinnamon Janzer and Lindsay Roberts Schey.