With less than a month left until All Hallows’ Eve, it’s nearly time to get your cat costume together. This easy-peasy Halloween staple is a great last-minute costume. Just put on some eyeliner, whiskers and cat ears and boom — super easy cat costume. Since a little cat-spiration never hurt anyone, we’ve got the rundown of the best kitty cat looks straight from Instagram that you’ll want to rock come October 31. ME-WOW!

carnival cat

1. Put a Bow on It: Nothing ties a fierce look together like a cute cheetah-print bow. The matching kitty ears don’t hurt either. (via @blogdajay)


2. Garfield: Go as your favorite cynical comic book kitty with a yellow-gold ensemble. Complete the look with a stuffed teddy bear and practice your one-liners to really get into character. (via @cosplaykittykat)

grumpy cat

3. Grumpy Cat: Grumpy cat says NO. But we say YES. Try your own take on this favorite meme. (via @pleenis)

rhinestone ears

4. Rhinestone Cat Ears: Here’s another easy-chic look that you can whip up in no time. Play up your eyes with a shimmery highlighter and try on a pair of gorgeous rhinestone-studded cat ears for that purr-fect finishing touch. (via @nicoleguerriero)

cat costume full body

5. Punk Rock Kitty: This catwoman-meets-lucky-cat-pink-panther look has all the bases covered. With a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of cattitude, you’ll have everyone wanting to join the party. (via @sindisanniina)

cat in the hat

6. Cat in the Hat: This Dr. Seuss-inspired look works great alone or with a partner. Everyone will love the trip down memory lane with this classic children’s book character. (via @bellafacefx)

lace cat ears

7. Laced up: If you’re running short on time, here’s a quick and easy look that still screams MEOW. Throw on these gorgeous lace cat ears with all black and you’ll be good to go! (via @creaturehabits)

cheshire cat

8. Cheshire Cat: This Alice in Wonderland-inspired look will have everyone in smiles. Instead of buying separate cat ears, turn your hair into your very own pair. For funsies, you can even play with your hair color! You’ll fit right into the whimsical world of Wonderland. (via @naomisz)

office kitty skirt

9. Office Cat: Who says you can’t dress up when you have work? This little leopard found a way to stay work-appropriate but still cute. Trade in your normal patterns for leopard or cheetah print to get this easy look. (via @misscaveman)

cheeta cat

10. Paradiso Cat: Straight from the Paradiso Aerial Show, we present Rebecca Palmer’s awesome cat costume. Whether you’re planning to perform stunts or just dance the night away, you can show off your serious cat moves in a tiger print body suit. (via @bijoubecca)

sparkly cat mask

11. Glitter Cat Mask: If your little one is obsessed with all things sparkly, this beautiful glitter cat mask is the one for them. Whether they pair it with a cute outfit or go glittered-out head-to-toe, we promise they’ll look amazing. (via @littleblueolive)

cats-musical-645x806 copy

12. Cats: Dress up as Victoria from Cats to give you a reason to belt out opera throughout the night. MEMORIES (via @manoellaestacio)

cat girl

13. Catwoman: You’ll feel like a sexy super villain in this leather getup. And nothing screams cat like a pair of cool cat contacts. (via @trustnooooobitch)

cheeta friends

14. Cheetah Girls: Cheetah girls, cheetah sisters! Get cheetah’d out with you bestie for a night you’ll never forget. (via @chachaa16)

tortoiseshell cat

15. Tortoiseshell Cat: If you’re up for the challenge, why not try face painting a tortoiseshell cat look? The vibrant play of colors makes for a one-of-a-kind kitty. (via @chigusa_artmakeartist)

marie aristocats

16. The Aristocats: Give off an air of obvious sophistication as Marie from everyone’s favorite Disney film about cats. Get this ladylike look with a white dress and a pink bow, and maybe throw in some pearls too. (via @tessagrigsby)

karl and choupette

17. Karl and Choupette: Everyone knows Karl Lagerfeld, but what about his infamous kitty Choupette Lagerfeld? You’ll want to check out @choupettesdiary if you haven’t already. This pretty, pampered princess has quite the following (of about 72k) and quite the cattitude. Though Ashley Madekwe does a pretty good job of looking the part here. (via @smashleybell)

mommy and me cat costume

18. Momma Tiger and Cub: This adorable mommy-and-me costume is just what you need if you’ve got a cub of your own. (via @facepaintingbygabi)

office kitty

19. Casual Cat: Here’s a look you can pull together in no time. Pair your cat ears with an all-black ensemble for an easy-going look that’s perfect for a casual Halloween. (via @sincerelyjules)

Which of these cat costumes will you be trying out on Halloween? Let us know in the comments!