We know the story. You were on the fence about dressing up for Halloween, didn’t have time to make a costume or weren’t totally set on the party options on your list? But now it’s actually Halloween and you are experiencing Insta-FOMO and need to get your ‘ish together in an instant. What’s a gal to do?

Hit up any drugstore, grocery store or maybe your closet and/or junk drawer and stock up on five simple materials. Armed with black leggings, a pack of white t-shirts, Sharpies, white out and duct tape, you can make not one, not two, but FIVE totally DIY costumes in minutes!

There are no extra gimmicks, no crazy makeup needed, no silly wigs, just you and these tools. We created a zebra, pirate, mime, flapper and the galaxy — but there are tons of other possibilities. Get creative!

What you need:

Black Leggings
Hanes T-Shirts
Sharpie Markers
Liquid Paper (aka White Out!)
Silver Glitter Duct Tape


Oh hey there sexy t-shirt dress with cap sleeves! This costume took 20 minutes to make.

Here’s how to make it happen:
 1. Slice the sleeves at an angle to turn them into cap sleeves.
2. Use your black Sharpie to create a zebra print — we recommend Google searching zebra prints as inspiration.
3. Wear it! Feel free to throw on leggings underneath.


Definitely the most fun, but also the most work out of this bunch!

How to get the look:
 1. Sew the t-shirt down each edge after cutting off the sleeves at an angle to create a form fitting halter dress.
2. For the fringe, fold the tape over onto itself so that there is nothing sticky exposed and slice into long strips.
3. Hot glue the strips to the collar of the dress.
4. Make one more strip out of tape for your head piece and BOOM, you are an instant ‘20 starlet.


This creepy mime can also be a jester or clown — whatever you like!

Mime it up:

1. Cut off the lower portion of a white t-shirt.
2. Cut off part of the leggings and hot glue black squares from the leggings to the shirt.
3. Cut strips of fabric and stretch them out and glue them to a piece of fabric to lay over your head as hair.
4. Style them into pigtails to keep them in place and there you have it, insta-wig!


Arrrrr-en’t you glad you had all that practice back in the day as a kid taking a lighter to the edge of a paper to create your own treasure chest maps? That skill is most definitely going to come in handy for this costume hack.

How to become a pirate maiden:
 1. Draw a skull and cross bones on a t-shirt using Sharpie. Again, we recommend Googling it up to find drawing inspo.
2. Cut off the sleeves starting from the bottom of the armpit to where the collar starts. Then cut the collar out for a more unfinished look.
3. Cut uneven triangle sections off the bottom to create a ragged silhouette.
4. Use a lighter to burn the edges of your shirt — be careful!
5. Create an eyepatch out of duct tape, and use t-shirt scraps to tie it to your face.


This costume can be adopted into your wardrobe when you are done because one: it is freaking comfy and two: the pattern is legit!

Here’s what to do:
 1. For the top, cut out the crotch and remove the leg portion of a pair of leggings. Instant tube top!
2. Throw down another pair of leggings and use white out to splatter dots all over to give the illusion of stars.
3. Add a few star bursts and galaxy clusters using the brush as well.
4. For the finish, use the teal and purple sharpies to add some color to the starbursts and a few of the larger stars.

And just like that, five costumes with the simplest materials around.

Happy Halloween!