While we still have a minute to reminisce about the best beauty comebacks of 2013, we’ll revel in the delight of the cat eye, that edgy yet elegant flick of upper eye liner that recalls the easy glamour of the ’60s. It’s safe to say that with decades in between its initial popularity and this very moment, beauty mavens have been able to update the look to something that feels very now. If you’re planning on rocking the look into the new year, check out these 12 modern cat eyes that are picture purr-fect.

1. Quick and Easy Cat Eye: Here’s the way to wear this look everyday: you’ll need to grab black shadow, a dampened angled eye liner brush, and a tube of matching liquid eye liner to highlight the angled flick. (via Camille Styles)

2. Cat Eye Stamp: Beauty hack! This method of application guarantees that you’ll never screw up the cat eye again! Just cut a pencil eraser at a sharp angle and once it’s saturated with liquid eye liner, stamp it onto your lids. Genius! (via xo Vain)

3. The Peacock Eye: Add serious glam to your cat eye with sparkly white highlights and a dramatic blue lid that will leave you looking as pretty as a peacock. This look was made for ladies with monolid eyes, though any gal with a taste for the dramatic should try. (via Refinery29)

4. Teal Liquid Liner Cat Eye: We love this look that lets you stick with your basic feline flick, but pushes it to a much more colorful place. This teal color is to die for, though at the moment we’d try it in a lilac or other purple shade. (via Keiko Lynn)

5. 4 Cat Eye DIYs for Your Eye Shape: These tutorials help you perfect the elusive symmetry of the cat eye while showing you how to personalize the look to compliment your eye type. So no matter if your eyes are almond-shaped or round, you’ll find a way to master the flick every time. (via Refinery29)

6. Kitten Eye: This blogger proves that the cat eye doesn’t always have to look costume-y. Soft shadows and pink tinted lips complete this simple, sultry look. (via Keiko Lynn)

7. Bottom Liner Cat Eye: Show your bottom lash some love with this low-sweeping cat eye. We love how this look elongates the eye with a flick at the inner corner as well as the dramatic lower liner. (via Makeup & Beauty Blog)

8. The Coloured Cat Eye: This smokey eye-cat eye combo is unmistakably modern thanks to the base layer of rust colored shadow. It’s a softer version of the traditional bold cat eye that we’ll definitely embrace in 2014. (via Refinery29)

9. Tape Cat Eye: Here’s another fabulous cat eye hack that will floor you: use office tape get a perfect edge for your cat eye. The result is a dreamy airbrushed effect that may look less cartoon-y in a softer shadow shade like brown or silver. (via Beautylish)

10. Punk Cat Eye: If you’re gonna go for a punk rock look, who better to emulate than the vicious vixen Debbie Harry? Keep the look modern by pairing this bold eye with neutral cheeks and lips. (via Refinery29)

11. Dramatic Cat Eye: Me-ow! Go big or go home with this runway-worthy cat eye. It’s definitely a look to try during a night out with the girls. (via Refinery29)

12. Glitter Cat Eye: If you’re searching for last-minute NYE makeup inspo, then look no further: this double winged cat eye is everything. We’d even rock it sans sparkles the following day! Two looks in one tutorial? Happy New Year indeed! (via Babble)

Was the cat eye your favorite makeup look of 2013? What other beauty trends did you love? What trends are you looking forward to in the new year? Tell us in the comments below!