Move over, avocados! Bloggers, ‘grammers, and influencers everywhere are going crazy for a new smoothie addition, and you may find it surprising. Cauliflower is the latest blended trend, and if you want to up your smoothie game, you need to know why.

The health benefits of cauliflower are nothing new. It’s super high in vitamin C, as well as potassium, choline, vitamin K, and dietary fiber. It also contains important nutrients that are believed to be anti-inflammatory, heart-healthy, and cancer-fighting. But what exactly makes it a good choice for smoothies? Because of its neutral flavor, cauliflower is a great low-sugar, low-carb option to add heft and texture, while flying under the radar taste-wise. Think of it as a substitute for your usual banana.

To try it out at home, sub in a few florets where you would normally use a banana or avocado. Lightly steam and freeze fresh cauliflower, or for a super easy short cut, buy bags of florets in your freezer section. We like to enjoy it with coconut water or milk of choice, a handful of blueberries, a little nut butter, and a scoop of protein powder (optional). Enjoy!

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(Photos via Alison Marras/Unsplash, Pixabay)