When it comes to air purifiers, we’d file them under the “things we know we’re supposed to have, but don’t” category — you know, like the right mattress or an investment portfolio. But while air purifiers are great for your health (they can cut down on everything from seasonal allergies to dangerous pollutants in the air), they’re also extremely costly and often pretty unattractive. That’s why this stunning new concept design from industrial designer Changho Lee has us v intrigued. The air purifier, dubbed the CEILI AIR, is head and shoulders above the other air purifiers we’ve seen… literally.

Instead of taking up valuable counterspace or floorspace, CEILI AIR is suspended from the ceiling. This makes it not only an enticing option for city-dwellers, but also for the aesthetically minded. CEILI AIR blends seamlessly into the surrounding space, appearing like a simple overhead light fixture. Plus it even has a light on the bottom that can be adjusted to match the mood of any room. Lee’s design also comes in several minimalist color options to complement your decor.

As you’d expect, this high-tech air purifier is well-attuned to the “smart home” craze. The CEILI AIR would have a corresponding mobile app that would allow you to control the device remotely and receive updates on-the-go. Though the CEILI AIR is just a concept design at this point, the positive response has been overwhelming, and we hope to see IRL iterations of this device popping up soon.

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(Photos via Changho Lee on Behance)