A beautiful wedding shower is the ultimate way to bring everyone together for food, fun and friendship ahead of the bride鈥檚 big day. Actress Jamie Chung鈥檚 recent garden-inspired celebration was certainly no exception. Her party featured gorgeous greenery, non-traditional touches and, most importantly, a true reflection of the bride鈥檚 unique style. To get the inside scoop about the event, plus helpful tips for hosting a fabulous celeb-style soiree, we checked in with Celebrity Wedding Planner and Wedding Paper Divas Style Partner Mindy Weiss. Here are her six top tips for a fantastic shower.

Jamie Chung Invitation

1. Let the bride鈥檚 personality shine. 鈥淲hile we tend to think of celebrity bridal showers as being all glitz and glam, most celebrities opt for a more customized, personal party look reflecting the bride鈥檚 style,鈥 says Mindy. If the bride loves traveling, hiking and the outdoors, for instance, Mindy suggests incorporating an earthy menu and rustic decor. Or, if the bride is a city girl and prefers a party at a chic restaurant, you might consider renting out her favorite brunch spot. Poolside or beach-themed showers can also be fun for brides who are a bit more casual.

鈥淎 more laid-back bride might enjoy s鈥檓ores and a bonfire on the beach with her gals, while a destination bride may appreciate a travel-themed shower with different stations representing various countries,鈥 she explains. 鈥淚f the bride loves wine tasting, plan her shower at a vineyard, or, better yet, create your own vineyard wonderland by lining trellises with vines and hanging plants.鈥

Whatever theme you ultimately choose, use everything at your disposal 鈥 from the stationery and flowers to the menu and activities 鈥 to help bring the vision to life. 鈥淔or Jamie鈥檚 shower, to really emphasize that classic garden theme outside of florals and greens, I had Wedding Paper Divas鈥 Lovely Garland design applied to the menus and placemats,鈥 Mindy says. 鈥淭hose small details often make all the difference.鈥

Jamie Chung Tablescape

2. Honor the couple鈥檚 love story. 鈥淛amie wanted her shower to not just incorporate her stylish taste, but be a true reflection and celebration of her love with fianc茅 Bryan,鈥 Mindy tells us. 鈥淭hey love pizza and wine, so we planned Jamie鈥檚 shower inside Jon & Vinny鈥檚, a great Italian spot in L.A., with the best pizza and fantastic wine.鈥

Sharing unique details about the couple is another great way to keep their love story front and center. 鈥淚 created acrylic blocks on Shutterfly that had little-known facts about Jamie and Bryan鈥檚 relationship, and used them as key table decor,鈥 Mindy says. 鈥淵ou can also do this using photo frames or signage 鈥 a really easy way to pay homage to the couple.鈥

Jamie Chung Flower Crowns

3. Dial up the fun. 鈥淢ake sure there鈥檚 plenty of time for visiting and chatting, but don鈥檛 forget to include a few fun games, activities or pastimes here and there,鈥 Mindy advises. Before Jamie鈥檚 shower, for example, her bridesmaids interviewed fianc茅 Bryan Greenberg to see just how well he knew his bride-to-be. 鈥淏ryan aced the test by answering almost every question correctly, from Jamie鈥檚 least favorite food (kale salad), to whether she鈥檚 a morning or nighttime person (morning), to the three things in her dream home (big backyard, pool and a huge closet)鈥 Mindy says.

She also loves the classic toilet paper wedding gown game and racy 鈥淚n Her Words鈥 game, where someone discreetly notes what the bride says (鈥淛ust what I wanted!鈥) as she opens her gifts. Then, afterward, the bride鈥檚 words are read back to her as what she鈥檒l say on her wedding night. 鈥淛ust make sure the bride is OK with adding a little spice to the shower,鈥 says Mindy.

Jamie Chung Decor

4. Bring the outside in. 鈥淏ringing the outdoors in is one of this year鈥檚 biggest trends,鈥 Mindy says. For Jamie鈥檚 shower, she used garland table runners, hanging plants and flowers and even a flower crown-making station to channel a spacious, garden party-like vibe.

鈥淗anging plants and nature-inspired elements can bring an indoor, minimalist space to life,鈥 Mindy explains. 鈥淚t鈥檚 something anyone can do with a little imagination.鈥 Carry the trend into autumn by using orange fall roses, chrysanthemums, dahlias and sunflowers to capture the rich colors of the season.

Jamie Chung Pizza Boxes

5. Involve the bride鈥檚 partner. 鈥淭he groom is now becoming more and more involved, either with a surprise visit or by being a guest of honor himself,鈥 Mindy tells us. 鈥淏ryan surprised Jamie toward the end of her shower with gorgeous flowers and a moving speech.鈥 Schedule a partner drop-in during your bestie鈥檚 party, or host a co-ed shower as a special way for the duo to celebrate with close family and friends.

Jamie Chung Photo

6. Preserve the memories. 鈥淗ire a photographer, or assign someone from the bridal party to take photos throughout the event,鈥 Mindy suggests. 鈥淭he bride will appreciate being able to keep the memories alive.鈥 Along with snapping photos of the bride and guests, be sure to capture all of the beautiful details, including flowers, decor, food and favors.

How will you bring celeb-inspired flair to your best friend鈥檚 bridal shower? Share imaginative ideas below.

(Photos via Jana Williams for Wedding Paper Divas)