Long before the big day arrives, your wedding invitation will help set the tone for a fabulous celebration to come. Going for a vibe that鈥檚 rustic-chic? Classic and elegant? Modern and minimalist? No matter what your style, the perfect stationery introduces your creative theme right from the start. Here, Wedding Paper Divas Style + Trend Expert Amber Harrison shares the inspiration behind actress Jennie Garth鈥檚 custom stationery, plus helpful tips for designing your own.


1. Don鈥檛 rush. 鈥淐hoosing a wedding invitation can be overwhelming,鈥 Amber tells us. 鈥淛ust remember that it doesn鈥檛 have to be done in a day.鈥 As you begin brainstorming, it鈥檚 helpful to have an idea of what your wedding will look and feel like. 鈥淜eep your venue in mind, and use sites like Pinterest and Loverly to collect images that speak to you,鈥 she says. 鈥淪ave lots of favorites. Get samples. Touch and feel that paper, the ink, the foil, the letterpress. See the colors.鈥

Jennie Garth Wedding Photo

2. Make it personal. 鈥淵our wedding invitation is like an official introduction to you as a couple,鈥 says Amber. 鈥淭his one piece of mail communicates so much to your guests 鈥 from the location to the dress code 鈥 and helps express your personal love story.鈥 Be sure the style reflects your personalities and wedding vibe. 鈥淚f you love a design but aren鈥檛 feeling the fonts, or the colors aren鈥檛 quite right, don鈥檛 dismiss it,鈥 Amber advises. 鈥淲ork with your stationer to create something perfect for the two of you.鈥

When designing Jennie Garth and Dave Abrams鈥 invitation and menu, for instance, Wedding Paper Divas considered their vision, creative decor elements and plans for a family-style meal. 鈥淓verything from her custom Claire Pettibone dress to the antique glassware from her mother鈥檚 collection invited guests into their love story,鈥 Amber says. 鈥淭he stationery was no exception. The Southern-inspired feast felt warm and charming, and we wanted the printed menu to reflect that.鈥

Jennie Garth Wedding Cake Photo

3. Be inspired by current trends, but stay true to yourself. 鈥淐ouples should never feel constrained by trends, and should instead create stationery that they love, regardless of whether or not it is popular,鈥 Amber says. She often works with couples who feel inspired by a current trend, but want to tweak it or tone it down to suit their style. 鈥淚f a couple is all about modern color blocking but is having a formal wedding, we鈥檇 find a way to bring in the bold look they love, but maybe in a more elegant color palette, using black, white and gold instead of bold brights,鈥 she explains.


4. Remember that small details can have a big impact. Amber says that small stationery details go a long way. Place cards, menus and even coasters add serious style while also enhancing guests鈥 experiences. 鈥淭hese little touches can really make your guests feel like a vital part of your celebration,鈥 she tells us.

5. Let your creativity shine. 鈥淲e see so many couples with design experience, or who can do beautiful hand-lettering or illustrations, and want to incorporate those elements into their stationery,鈥 says Amber. 鈥淲e want to honor those personal touches and help couples bring them to life.鈥 She鈥檚 also seeing couples enhance their invitations by featuring engagement photos or including a mini enclosure that introduces their wedding website address or hashtag. Want to make your stationery one-of-a-kind? Wedding Paper Divas lets you customize an existing design, collaborate with a designer or have your own creation printed.

What does your dream wedding stationery look like? Share some creative ideas below.

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