If you鈥檝e been on the internet anytime over the last聽72 hours, you鈥檝e聽probably noticed your friends posting聽photos of themselves with their fine art doppelgangers,聽courtesy of the Google Arts and Culture app. Celebrities are getting in on the fun too, and the results are (naturally) hilarious.

The app 鈥 which is available for free on聽Google Play聽for Android and聽in the App Store聽for iPhone聽鈥 actually launched in 2016 but just added a new feature that went viral over the weekend. All you聽have to do is take a聽picture of yourself, and Google will compare it to thousands of paintings in its fine art database. In the end, you鈥檒l be given a few images that look just like you.聽Or not.

A few people聽have been blown away by the accuracy of the app, but others聽aren鈥檛 as impressed with their look-alikes. Some are pretty sure Google is just laying down 鈥a sick burn鈥 鈥斅燼nd TBH, sometimes it鈥檚 hard to disagree.

Check out some of the funniest celebrity results below!

Kristen Bell showed off two of her, er, twins: August Manns聽and De schilder Jan Asselijn.

Guys, this app is DEAD ON.

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Amanda Seyfried seemed pretty pleased with her result, 鈥淥ne summer afternoon鈥 by Clewin Harcourt, even adding, 鈥淚t does feel like summer today.鈥

It does feel like summer today

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Alyssa Milano, on the other hand, wasn鈥檛 feeling so cheery about her pick聽and made her thoughts clear with a simple, 鈥淔*ck off, Google.鈥

Fuck off, Google.

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Kate Hudson got 鈥淧ortrait of a Boy,鈥 and while you might assume it鈥檚聽because of聽her short hair, the聽guy in the work of art actually has quite a long 鈥榙o.

Portrait of a boy 馃懄馃槀

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Sarah Silverman opted to share two pics: one where she supposedly looks like a boy with a carrot, and a second聽that聽seems to match the photo聽above the comedian鈥檚 head as opposed to her own face. (We can聽kind of understand why Google had a little trouble with this one.)

This arts and culture app is amazing! Mirror image

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Pete Wentz shared four of his matches, and while we can definitely see some resemblance聽in the first three comparisons, the fourth聽is the one that really caught his attention. 鈥淔eel real strong about my 40%,鈥 he quipped in the caption.

Felicia Day tried two different shots of herself to see what Google could come up with. She鈥檚 鈥渢orn鈥 when it comes to which is more accurate.

Jim Parsons ended up with 鈥淧ortrait of Mikhail Ivanovich Terestjenko.鈥 The聽Big Bang Theory star captioned his post, 鈥淗uh. That was fun.鈥

Huh. That was fun.

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Our very favorite result of them all, though, may be Steve and Dustin from Stranger Things compared to Mary Cassette鈥檚 famous painting of a puffy-haired young mother with her curly-haired child.

It鈥檚 called art, sweetie

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Nailed it.

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(Photos via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Baby2Baby +聽Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)