In this Costco-loving day and age, it seems like we all have bulk boxes of cereal coming out of our ears. Sure, it felt like a convenient thing to buy at the time, but after a few days of endless Froot Loops (you know what we’re talking about), you’re so sick of them that you just want to throw the rest at poor ol’ Toucan Sam. We’ve definitely been in those shoes. The solution to the mountains of morning munchies? These 21 creative ways to repurpose cereals into something new and exciting!

1. Fruity Pebbles Muffins: Muffins are one of the best breakfasts to eat if you’re in a hurry. Muffins with Fruity Pebbles inside might be the best breakfast to eat if you’re in a hurry. (via Crazy for Crust)

2. Honey Nut Cereal Bar: Store-bought cereal bars sure can pack in a lot of sugar, so making them at home is the most obvious solution. These are made with Cheerios, but you could definitely make this recipe your own with a different cereal. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Cereal Milk Tea: Hold on, we’ll let you read that again. Yup, this tea is made from homemade Froot Loop tea bags! The leftover sweetened milk is pretty much the best part of cereal anyways. (via Thirsty for Tea)

4. Chocolate Mousse Parfaits With Reese’s Puffs: This goes out to all the PB+C lovers out there (that’s peanut butter and chocolate, the best combination ever). Serve this at your next party, and your guests’ll practically be drooling for more. (via Climbing Grier Mountain)

5. Lucky Charms Rainbow Sandwich Cookies: Have a big day coming up at work? Sneak in one of these rainbow cookies. They’re full of luck and will keep you in a good mood (as sugar usually does). (via Taste Seekers Kitchen)

6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee Cake Bites: It’s the cinnamon swirls in every bite! Every coffee cake bite, that is. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

7. Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats: We’re all about taking Rice Krispie treats to the next level, and these peppermint treats are killin’ it. It’s not even close to the holiday season, but you’ll probably end up making these anyways. (via Cooking Classy)

8. Fruity Pebble Macarons: Ah, macarons. The daintiest and most beautiful of all French confections, accompanied by the bright and colorful Fruity Pebbles. It’s class and playfulness combined. (via The Novice Chef)

9. Reese’s Puff Peanut Butter Treats: Rice Krispies can’t have all the fun! Introducing Reese’s Puff treats. Soon to be seen at every young child’s (or adult’s) birthday party. (via Chef in Training)

10. Tiramisu With Cookie Crisp: Cookies and tiramisu seem like they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. Everyone loves cookies, there’s no doubt about it. Tiramisu often requires a more refined, adult palate. Who knew that combining the two would result in a dessert superpower? (via Tablespoon)

11. Lucky Charms Swirled Bundt Cake: Looking for the end of the rainbow? No need. This swirled bundt cake is better than any pot o’ gold you’ll find. (via Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

12. Cocoa Puff Brownies: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Soon, you’ll be cuckoo for these brownies. (via The Batter Thickens)

13. Froot Loop Waffles With Milk Glaze: It’s like a waffle went as a bowl of cereal for Halloween. Filled with Froot Loops and covered in a sweet milk glaze, this is one of the best breakfast combinations around. (via The Blonde Buckeye)

16. Rice Krispie Treat Pancakes: Waffles or pancakes? We just can’t decide. (via Half Baked Harvest)

17. Grapenut Pudding With Fig Sauce: Remember that refined palate from before? You may need it for this delicious pudding. (via A Family Feast)

18. Bottom of the Cereal Box Cookies: These cookies are pretty much made with everything but the kitchen sink. They’re the perfect way to use up all of that powdery, leftover cereal at the bottom of the box. (via Betty Crocker)

19. Fizzy Trix: Silly Rabbit, Trix are for… adults? Might want to keep this fruity drink out of your kiddo’s reach, folks. (via Hello, Cereal Lovers)

20. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cold Brew Coffee: There’s no better way to start your morning off than with a nice ‘n’ crunchy cup of iced java. Yes, we said crunchy. (via Hello, Cereal Lovers)

21. Sweet and Salty Dipped Pretzels: Last but not least, a delightful mix of sweet and savory. Chocolate-covered pretzels have never looked so good. (via Betty Crocker)

Which unusual use for cereal would you try out? Let us know in the comments below!