Ever heard of cascarones? It’s a tradition where folks fill empty eggs with confetti and then crack them over other peoples’ heads for Easter. You may have even seen our Football Cascarones on our Super Bowl segment on the Today Show.

But what about creating edible cascarones? The kind you crack over a bowl of ice cream or simply into your mouth? With a few hollow eggs, a little melted chocolate as glue, and lots of sprinkles, it’s super simple to create this fun and colorful Easter treat.

 – hollow chocolate eggs

– chocolate chips or candy melts

– M&Ms

– sprinkles

We ordered a whole bunch of hollow eggs on Amazon and, amazingly, only a few came already cracked.

Use a serrated knife to “crack” your egg. You want to cut very slowly, allowing the chocolate egg to crack naturally. This makes for the cleanest cut.

Mix up a bunch of M&Ms and sprinkles. So. Much. CANDY!

Fill up those chocolate eggs!

To seal your eggs back up, it’s time to melt some chocolate. We used chocolate candy melts. Microwave melts at half power for a minute, then in 30 second intervals until you have a good “glue-like” consistency. Use the bottom of a spoon to spread the melted chocolate onto the cracked top of each egg.

Press back onto the filled egg and wipe off any excess chocolate. Let dry for 20 minutes before serving.

To crack your egg, slam it into a plate, cutting board, or crack with your hands. So fun!!

What yummy Easter treats are you making for this Sunday? Tell us in the comments below!