As you may have seen on TV this morning, I popped over to the Today Show again this week for a fun segment on a whole bunch of decor, food, and party ideas for the Super Bowl!

Here are a few in-depth tutorials on some of the projects featured on the show this morning. Let us know in the comments below if there are any other projects from the show you’d like to see fleshed out on the site.

1. Field Centerpiece: Grab a bunch of wheatgrass and some football player action figures, and set up your own mini football field. If you want to take it up a notch, you can purchase a hollow chocolate football from Phillips Chocolate (they will ship in time for the game!) to set in the middle. Your guests will be in chocolate heaven once that thing is cracked open!

2. Penalty Flag Napkins: How cute are these?! Just like the penalty flags that are going to hit the field this Sunday, they can be used for both cleaning your fingers and throwing at the TV when you see a foul from the other team.

Take a ping pong ball, wrap a yellow or orange napkin around it, tie, and you’re done. If you’re 21+, feel free to repurpose the ping pong balls for a game of beer pong during halftime ;)

3. Gold Pom Pom Bunting: How can you cheer on your team without pom poms? No, we’re not talking about craft pom poms. These are made out of shiny tissue paper and are SO easy to create.

For these little darlings, accordion fold metallic tissue paper. Tie around in 4 places, Cut halfway between each tied-off point, giving you four pom pom pieces. Fluff, and hang! Not feeling these? Here’s another one of our pom pom tutorials that would work just as well.

4. Football Treat Cones: Trying to use as few dishes as possible? Treat cones to the rescue! These are super simple to make and let your guests enjoy their snacks in realistic portions. Fill with chips, popcorn, candy, or anything else your heart desires.

To make, just use brown construction or craft paper. Place a piece of double-stick tape on one end and roll it into a cone shape. Use paint to create laces and you’re set.

5. Chalkboard Cheese Board: Serving a gourmet selection of artisanal cheeses this weekend? Make sure to write down what’s what (and maybe plan out some 4th quarter plays while you’re at it! so that your guests know exactly what they are eating.

Use painter’s tape to tape off the edges, paint two layers of chalkboard paint, and you’re good to go.

6. Football Silverware Caddies: You’re probably already planning on using canned food for your apps and snacks, so why not turn those cans into serving containers as well? Just like the treat cones above, all this one takes is some brown paper, tape or glue, and white paint. We’re also obsessed with the metallic plastic silverware we used! It looks totally real but is disposable. You can snag some of your own at Party City.

Don’t you love these sweet little caddies? Just remember, laces out! :)

7. Jersey Cozies: Gotta support your favorite player! Why go for a regular cozy when you can make a jersey cozy?

To make, fold a piece of foam in half, cut out a t-shirt shape, and use glue to secure the sides. Then just add your favorite players’ numbers and stick ’em over your bottles for guests to grab.

8. Football Cascarones (Confetti Eggs): And last, cascarones! Also known as confetti eggs, these are fun, colorful, and can easily become the most festive footballs you’ve ever seen. Crack ’em on top of each others heads every time a touchdown is scored. Just beware of the clean-up — you’ll most definitely need a vacuum if you’re cracking them indoors.

To make these, empty your eggs, wash out., and fill with confetti. Use a bit of napkin or tissue paper and some glue to seal the top. Then, use a brown marker over the egg shell and smudge to get a more leathery look. Finally, use white paint to add your laces! For a more in-depth tutorial on the art of cascarones, head here.

We’ll be updating this post with today’s video of all ideas from the Today Show as soon as we have it. Until then, stay tuned for a few more edible tips and tricks for Super Bowl Sunday before the big game.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? What are you making for the big game? Talk to us in the comments below.