Rachel Lindsay is already thinking about when she wants to get married, but Bachelorette viewers still have to wait to find out whose proposal she accepted. As of last week’s episode, there are three men vying for Lindsay’s heart. Host Chris Harrison weighed in on their chances in a new interview with E! News. (Of course, he already knows who the last man standing is, but he’s not about to spoil it for the rest of us.)

Chris Harrison Weighs in on Bachelorette Rachel's Final Three

He addressed Eric Bigger first, saying that when it comes to the trio of contestants, Eric is the one who “needs to catch up a little bit.” Harrison added, however, that he knows “she loves and adores him.”

As for Peter Kraus, Harrison admitted to having some concerns about his intentions. “Peter, is he going to commit? Is he there? Because she’s not there for a boyfriend.”

Finally, he assessed her relationship with Bryan Abasolo. Recent castoff Dean Unglert said he thought Lindsay was “blinded” by Bryan, but Harrison gives the Bachelorette more credit. “[Bryan] seems to do and say the right thing all the time. She’s a lawyer, so she sees right through that and she needs to see, is this for real?”

Though he (obviously) wasn’t willing to give any clues as to who ends up getting the final rose, he did give fans one last bit of insider info, saying, “She has narrowed it down to a wonderful man, she is happy, she is engaged.”

Rachel Lindsay at the ESPYs

And while the two dudes who DON’T earn that coveted rose will be heading home solo this time around, it opens up the door for a future stint on The Bachelor, with Harrison admitting, “I can see several of them as the next Bachelor, which is the problem right now. It’s not a set rule that the Bachelor comes out of the show, but that seems to be the tradition and the case because you just have a built-in emotional tie.”

So, we’re left with two questions: Who will end up with Rachel Lindsay, and who’s sparked enough of an emotional tie with viewers to earn themselves a spot as the next Bachelor? Hmm.

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