Yes, Chrissy Teigen is super successful and graciously gorgeous. Yes, she makes one heck of a cute baby. Yes, she has amazing friends and family, an adorable mom and a loving husband. But does that mean she has everything and can do anything she puts her mind to? Well, no. The cookbook author and Victoria’s Secret Angel just tried to make a dramatic diet change and it was one big #FAIL. Although her social media spree through her attempt is one major #WIN.

Posting her new diet goals on her Twitter account, it first simply read “Chrissy vegan.” Wait! Wha? This couldn’t possibly be from the woman who enjoys epic crab boils and her hubby’s drool-worthy fried “chacken.”

But it turns out she was serious, even letting the President in on her new menu plans.

Chrissy acknowledged that the foodie road ahead would be hard (like, heartbreaking when told about vegan hot dogs) and admitting that her love for cheese is true.

Half a day passed and she held strong, if stereotypically vocal about what she was NOT eating.

But then things started to go a little off track.

Or, like, totally off track. But, hey! It sparked a new book idea.

No hate to vegans, but for Chrissy, nah, it just wasn’t meant to be. That’s one good-lookin’ piece of meat, and we’re not talking about John ;)

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(h/t ET, photos via @chrissyteigen, @johnlegend)