If you live in a small space, storage hacks are your best friend. Anyone can save room by bringing in small furniture or putting up shelfie-worthy shelves, but even with the usual tricks, there never seems to be enough room for all your stuff. Instead of vacuum sealing, squeezing or stuffing your things into a closet or attic, hide your clutter in plain sight, with storage. From hidden closets under your bed to nearly invisible drawers, these 14 hidden storage ideas will have you swooning. Scroll through for some major organizing and storage inspo.


1. Jewelry Storage Mirror: A jewelry station hidden behind a full-length mirror is just the fix you need to clean up clutter. It tucks away and requires only inches more space than the mirror, but it keeps all your jewelry neat and tidy. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Midcentury Pastels: Is it just us, or does that pastel pink layer remind you of a delicious, sugary cookie filling? Simple to DIY and budget-friendly, this charming little table has just enough room to keep a few things like your remote and batteries neatly hidden away. (via Sugar and Cloth)


3. Closet Curtain: Keep you shoes out of sight with this clever faux window closet. This glam-inspired NYC look is so chic you’ll want to create one for all your open storage spots. (via Luke Gibson Photography / Houzz)


4. Staircase Shelves: This idea is perfect for those of you with no more storage space on your shoe rack. This interior design hack involves making use of that leftover area underneath the stairs. (via Yannick Milpas Photographer / Spotless)


5. Container Bed: If we said there was something epic hiding under this bed, you might think it was a monster. But under this sleeping space is anything but a monster, it’s a super-tidy closet space. Whoa! (Via Dielle)


6. Creative Utensil Storage: We love this hidden, but highly functional storage idea, because no one likes digging through their kitchen drawers for their utensils. (via Jeff Freeman Photography / Houzz)


7. Walnut Shelf: This stylish little number features a hidden drawer and a circular groove that serves as a coin tray. Next time you hear the ice cream man, this will save you plenty of time! (via Archiproducts)


8. Behind the Mirror: You’ll no longer have to worry about nosey guests taking a peek inside your bathroom mirror. The mini guard rails are perfect for storing your beauty essentials! (via Brizo)

small fridge storage

9. Canned Food Organizer: Get creative and maximize the empty space in your home. This awesome DIY shows us that, with a few power tools and some fun wallpaper, you can add an entirely new storage space that’s both functional and borderline genius. (via Classy Clutter)


10. Family Station: If you have a very busy family life and need to keep everything organized in one place, look no further! This cute family station has everything you need to stay on top of everyone’s busy schedules. (via Houzz)

11. Hidden Entertainment: For small homes, functional storage space is a must. This entertainment center was designed to make sure everything has its place — like your favorite books and secret candy stash. (via One Kind Design)


12. Extended Shoe Space: These stairs extend out, to reveal hidden drawers that are a perfect hideaway for your shoes. With stairs like these, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Do I really need another pair?” (via Houzz)


13. Hidden Sponge Cabinet: We can’t be the only ones who’ve tugged at a drawer that wasn’t real. Talk about awkward. You won’t need to worry about that anymore, because this hidden pull-out panel below the kitchen sink is perfect for housing kitchen sponges and accessories. (via Anne Hepfer)

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