Nearly everyone has a memory of looking up at fluffy clouds and imagining them as different characters and shapes in the sky. Turns out, making clouds come to life is not reserved for the imagination of kiddos. Argentinian artist Martín Feijoó has started a project he calls Shaping Clouds in which he draws ink illustrations on top of cloud photos and it’s seriously awesome.

Feijoó got the idea when he was visiting Mexico, looking up at the clouds. He says, “When I was a child I was told that clouds’ shapes were created by expert balloon twister clowns who live in the sky, so that they can keep entertaining children.” So he started taking pictures then and there, probably so he could more clearly see what the balloon artist had in mind.

While the Shaping Clouds illustrations are detailed and intricate, Feijoó doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. Much like being a little kid again and shouting out the first thing that comes to mind while cloud gazing, he draws his first, instantaneous impression — no matter how bizarre.

The result is a magical world in the sky full of flying parrot fish, Russian chickens and boxing tortoises. His project really makes us rethink every time we’ve run into creative block. We could have just looked at the sky for inspiration!

You can follow the Feijoó aka “The Cloud Shaper” and his Shaping Clouds project at his Tumblr page right here.

When’s the last time you were inspired by nature? Let us know how you get your creative juices flowing in the comments below!

(h/t Twisted Sifter)