It’s no secret that we love design, color, and infusing pops of delight into everyday things. So, obviously these CMYK playing cards are seriously up our alley. They’re playful, beautiful, and definitely make you look twice.

Created by the creative team at Hundred Million, this deck of 54 cards was born from a realization that the number of cards in a standard playing deck easily correspond to standard ink percentages in the CMYK color system. They switched the suits for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and swapped numbers for a percentage of ink on the surface. They act as a traditional deck of cards, but are only really understand by serious design nerds.

The front design is described as “anti-design.” The decorations are made from the kinds of crop marks and registration bleeds that are usually never seen post-production, but come together to create a beautiful pattern and design.

Each deck is made from German black-core paper with a genuine playing card linen finish. But, these cards need your help. If you want to get your own fancy deck, you should consider funding them on Kickstarter. A pledge of just under $15 gets you first on the list to get our own deck of CMYK Playing Cards, shipping as soon as April 2014.

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