It’s that time of the year again when artists, musicians, and revelers make their way to the dessert for the mother of all music festivals. Yeah, folks, it’s Coachella — and with that comes all the stunning, summery, and sometimes kooky festival style. Here are the biggest trends we’re seeing so far!

1. Head-to-Toe Denim: We spotted fashion blogger Natalie Lim Suarez of Natalie Off Duty wearing one of Coachella 2017’s biggest style trends with her dark wash denim body suit. She paired her look with some black espadrilles and jauntily tied bandana.

2. Minimalist Flower Crowns: Massive, statement flower crowns are sooo 2016. This year is all about the minimalist look with subtle flowers adorning the hair, as shown by New Zealand-based travel blogger Victoria Hadlow of Hadlow Girls with her sweet daisy headband.

3. Straight-Up Crowns: Aside from minimalist crowns, we also saw some IRL crowns at the festival. And we mean, Game of Thrones level crowns, like the one Rachel Hadlow, also of Hadlow Girls, is wearing here.

4. Fishnets: One extra-sultry trend that is literally EVERYWHERE is fishnets. And fishnets aren’t for just your legs, either — oh no, this festival-goer is wearing a full-on fishnet catsuit.

5. Sheer Everything: A sheer dress over a sheer bodysuit? Only at Coachella. This attendee showed us how to rock the look — and she definitely nailed it.

6.Headpieces: Another way to dress up your hair (since flower crowns are so passé) is with a headpiece, as attendee Roxana Rustamova did here. Don’t have one? A pretty necklace would do in a pinch!

7. Statement Metal Bib Necklaces: Metal bib necklaces are making a statement at Coachella 2017. This particular necklace — as the wearer divulged to us — was from Ralph Lauren Collection.

8.Next-Level Overalls: We know; we know: Overalls aren’t really all that “new.” BUT, we saw people wearing the closet staple in totally fresh ways, like this lace-up, starstruck pair here.

9. Pom-Poms: Seen on shoes, necklaces, bags, and earrings, pom-poms are all OVER this year. This adorable style is also perfect for a choker necklace, as this one Coachella attendee showed us.

10. Mirrored Sunglasses: In the bright desert sun, shades are an absolute must. While there are quite a few Snapchat Spectacles making their rounds on the festival ground, the must-have sunglasses trend of 2017 is mirror-like, reflective lenses.

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(Photos via Victoria Haas/Brit + Co)