Summer in San Francisco is not exactly what we’d call warm, so when it comes to summer clothes, you’ll most likely find those of us at Brit HQ in jeans, long sleeves and boots. One of the best things about this cooler weather is that we get to wear bright, lightweight scarves to give our outfits a summer vibe. When we came across the below Anthropologie scarf, (which retails for $58) we knew we had to take a crack at our own DIY version. It’s brilliant, colorful and playful, and the perfect accessory to carry you over into the fall — that means one stylish scarf for two seasons!



– white scarf

fabric paint

– water


– paint brush

– jar or cup



1. Lay out the white scarf on a piece of cardboard or paper.

2. Soak your brush with paint and dip it into a glass of water to mix the water and the color.

3. Paint short strokes of color in a line down the length of the scarf.

4. Continue painting different colored strokes down the length of the scarf.

5. Wait for the scarf to dry for about an hour.


Lay your white scarf over a piece of cardboard or a thick piece of construction paper to keep the color from bleeding onto your table.


Fill your brush with the paint and dip it into the water. Less water + more paint = more saturated color! If you want a lighter color, increase the amount of water and use less paint. It’s up to you how light or dark you want your color!


Now you’re ready to paint! Dip your brush into your watercolor paint and begin making short strokes up the length of the scarf. If the color starts to run, that’s okay — it just makes the scarf more unique.


Continue painting different colored strokes up the length of your scarf until you’ve covered the entire thing.


Let it dry for about an hour, and go rummage through your closet for outfit ideas. The best thing about this scarf — it goes with EVERYTHING. It’s going to be your new go-to accessory.


Scarf selfies, anyone?


I think it’s safe to say Rosee is never taking this off.

What colors will you use in your summer scarf DIY? Create your own and share you pics and comments on instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative.