9 Hair Accessories to Style Out Your Fave DIY ‘Dos
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9 Hair Accessories to Style Out Your Fave DIY ‘Dos

So you’ve mastered pretty much every DIY hair tutorial you could pull up on your screen from Pinterest and beyond. Now learn how to style out those at-home hairdos like a total pro with hair accessories that will polish your look. From patterned headbands and not-so-basic bobby pins, consider these nine colorful hair embellishments the final step in every one of these hairstyle how-tos!

1. Add a printed headwrap to your messy knot: Since you #wokeuplikethis (right?) add this patterned headwrap ($4) to give flair to your effortless ‘do.

2. Add statement bobby pins to your flat iron curls: Once the flat iron has made waves, keep your newly curled hair out of your face for good with one or two of these so-cute statement bobby pins ($15).

3. Add neon bobby pins to your faux crown braid: Rather than take the time to crown braid your long locks, dress up your look with this hair hack and use neon bobby pins ($10) to create a fun metallic headband.

4. Add jeweled hair pins to your side twist updo: Consider your sleek sides empty space for hair accessories like these gem-studded hair pins ($24) to shine. Add them all at an angle or style them out into a chevron formation.

5. Add metallic ties to your Dutch pigtails: Yes, you can wear pigtails and not look like a third grader — just cinch the ends of these grown-up braids with gilded hair ties that make the look totally glam.

6. Add a studded headband to your fancy bouffant: Invest in a simple studded headband ($92) to give your bouffant an even bigger boost. Though tossing this on adds unbeatable polish to just about any look.

7. Add a sleek barrette to your bang bump: Once you’ve bumped up your bangs, make sure to secure them in place with a metal barrette ($58) that’s just as sleek.

8. Add rhinestone hair pins to your fishtail braids: Take your fishtail braids to the next level by adding colorful rhinestone hair pins ($255) throughout your plaited locks. It’s a party-ready look that takes just seconds to complete.

9. Add a giant bunny hair clip to your tousled updo: You guys, a giant bunny hair clip ($56) *actually* exists, and it’s pretty darn chic, too. Use this statement accessory to amp up even the most basic of tossed-up locks.

What are your go-to hair accessories? Which ones can you not live without? Which do you only bust out for special occasions? Tell us in the comments below!