The Most Compelling New Characters of the 2018 Fall TV Season

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One of the reasons we tend to fall so in love with a new TV show is its characters. What would This Is Us be without Jack and Rebecca Pearson or the Big Three? And can you imagine Brooklyn Nine-Nine without Gina Linetti (which is now, sadly, a reality)?

It's still early in the new fall TV season, but there are already a handful of standout characters who are proving to be worthy of our time week after week, whether because of their inspiring grit, aspirational romance, or comforting friendship. Here are 10 new fall TV characters that have already piqued our interest — and might just be your new obsession, too. (Photos via Tyler Golden/NBC + Craig Blankenhorn/NBC/Warner Brothers + Sami Drasin/The CW + Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

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