Hey gals! About a year ago, Studio DIY shared this amazing conversation hearts leggings post with the world, and ever since, I have been dreaming about conversation heart garment possibilities. For this Valentine’s Day season, we say you should take the plunge and make a patterned conversation heart dress. I don’t know about you, but I think this is probably the cutest piece you could wear to your Galentine’s Day soirée with the ladies. And if you decide to add conversation hearts to other garments, just remember – when working with iron-on transfer paper, apply it to a garment or fabric that isn’t going to stretch much. The iron-on paper doesn’t have much stretch, so your printable design could end up misshapen or torn.


Materials and Tools:
 – garment of your choice

conversation heart printable

– iron

– iron-on transfer paper

– scissors



1. Print your conversation hearts onto your iron-on transfer paper, then cut them out.

2. Lay them onto your dress and iron in place, following the instructions on the packaging.

3. Peel off the backing of the iron-on transfer paper and then rock that dress, girl!


The first step is to decide which garment you ‘ll be ironing these cute hearts onto. If you’re using a light colored dress, print out the hearts that are mirrored and use iron-on transfer paper for light colors. If your dress is a darker hue, print out the hearts that aren’t mirrored onto iron-on transfer paper made for dark colors.


Some of my favorites are “double tap” and “all mine.”


Start laying them out onto your dress! Keep in mind the color and saying of each heart. It’s not the end of the world if two blues end up right next to each other, but it also would be better if they didn’t ;)


B+C readers — learn from my mistake. It is always a good idea to begin ironing hearts at the bottom of the dress or in an area that isn’t a focal point. The first heart I ironed on was right near the collar of the dress. I didn’t hold the iron down for long enough and half of the heart peeled away! Make sure you’re following the directions from your iron-on transfer paper — they’ll be your best friend in this project.


Once the hearts have cooled down, peel away the paper to reveal the fun sayings.


We can’t get enough of these two dresses! I equally love how the hearts pop on both the dark and light colored dresses.


Use an old dress that needs some new love or pick up a basic cotton silhouette from H&M, Forever 21 or Old Navy. To preserve your dress, make sure you wash inside out.


If any of you see me on Valentine’s Day, I will be wearing this dress. I am so in love! A comfy cotton dress covered in bright hearts — yes, yes, yes!


Turns out my relationship with Ryan Gosling wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, so back to the drawing board.

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