We *all* love cookie dough, so it鈥檚 no surprise that cookie dough recipes you can make at home are in high demand. Even MORE in demand are the delightfully doughy confections brought to you by D艑, a new cookie dough shop in NYC. D艑 treats cookie dough like many purveyors treat ice cream: They put it in a cone, they serve it in bowls and you can drizzle it with chocolate syrup a la a classic sundae. It鈥檚 not surprising that cookie dough confections are *all* over Instagram 鈥 and we鈥檙e obsessed. Here are 10 of our favorite shots.

1. Classic D艑: D艑s concoctions can be served in a pretty pink cone, like this delightful dessert. The cookie dough is chock-full of chocolate chips and, of course, rainbow sprinkles.

2. Double Decker: Of course, if you REALLY love cookie dough, you can also order two scoops of it. The sweeter, the better, we say. This cone features a dark chocolate dough that looks AH-mazing.

3. Ice Cream Sammie: Apparently, you can also get an ice cream sandwich made with two slices of sprinkle-coated cookie dough. It鈥檚 both pretty and delicious.

It's dough-licious 馃崷馃構 #cookiedough #confetti #cookiedonyc #nyc

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4. Flavors Galore: This cookie dough cone is pretty impressive, but the real show-stopper is that buffet behind it. From chocolate and vanilla to sprinkles and classic cookie dough, there are tons of flavor options on the table.

5. Dreams Dough Come True: Nothing could be more true. This big bowl of colorful, sprinkled cookie dough is the stuff of dreams.

6. Three鈥檚 Company: We think cookie dough cones are the perfect way to enjoy a day with friends. We鈥檙e also loving these bright red cones.

7. Up Close and Personal: With this up-close shot, you can really see just how doughy the consistency is. The big question is: How much cookie dough can you eat?

8. Ice Cream Cookie Dough Sundae: If your answer to the question above is 鈥渘ot much,鈥 maybe combining cookie dough with ice cream is more up your alley. Case in point: this classic ice cream sundae with a doughy twist.

I CAN'T. 馃槏馃槶馃槏 #cookieDOnyc

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9. Dreams Dough Come True, Part II: If your dreams involve cookie dough in a pretty pink cone, feast your eyes on this. Do we also see some caramel in there?

10. Chocolate and Vanilla: Can鈥檛 make up your mind between chocolate and vanilla? Go for both! D艑 offers a range of flavors for every taste bud.

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