Black and white were simply made for each other, like cookies and milk, queso and chips, peanut butter and jelly. But we know it’s easy to hesitate when it comes to covering your room in the neutral tones — we love our colors. It is possible, though, to create a comfortable, happy living space in black and white that you’ll not only like, but love! So check those cold and uninviting images at the door, and peek at these beautiful and modern black and white interiors.

1. Blankets and Pillows: Adding plenty of cuddle-worthy material to your black and white living room will help keep the family friendly feeling. You can practically hear that couch say, “Come on over!” (via Penelope Home)

2. Matchy Matchy: In a world of colorful and mismatched dining room chairs, these monochromatic ones give a sense of peace and order. Not that we’ve given up on our color dipped beauties, mind you. They’re just in another room ;) (via Facing North With Gracia)

3. Geo Nursery: Black and white make the perfect canvas for your little one’s nursery. And how adorable are those baby triangles? (via C.R.A.F.T.)

4. Manly Master: What hubby wants to sleep under a pink bedspread? A black and white theme in your master bedroom will probably be much more agreeable, and you can get away with polkadot pillows. (via Design, Dining, Diapers)

5. Desk Space: A monochromatic desk space can help you concentrate. But while you’re concentrating, why not add some life? This looks like a washi tape DIY to us. (via Casa Haus)

6. Industrial Gray: Gray is part of the black and white scale, right? That makes it easy to add an industrial touch to your black and white space that’s so very chic. (via The Designer Pad)

7. Black in the Bath: Using dark colors in small spaces is usually a no-no, unless you keep it to a minimum. In this case, it definitely creates a pop. (via Rambling Renovators)

8. Quote It: A black and white palette is the perfect opportunity for quote prints. Oh, and you get to show off your master typography matching skills. (via My Full House)

9. White Bedding: While colorful sheets are fun, how restful is this all-white bedding? We wouldn’t mind a little snooze on this stress-free-looking bed ourselves. (via The Design Files Daily)

10. Bold Playroom: These stripes give this playroom a bold and fun presentation, and make those pops of emerald green really come alive. (via Classy Clutter)

11. Monocromatic Wallpaper: If black or white paints are too bland by themselves, try some awesome wallpaper to jazz up the space and keep with the tones. (via Casa Haus)

12. With the Fur: Adding a tiny touch of fur to your black and white space can bring out the wild in you without the wild red. (via Facing North With Gracia)

13. Chalkboard Wall: Black can be an intimidating color to decorate with, but using chalkboard paint can give you a chic black wall with limitless brightening possibilities. (via Design Sponge)

14. Tree Garland: Some years, Christmas trees are more of a hassle than a fun experience. If those are your thoughts too, try this DIY garland instead of the full-fledged tree. (via Nalle’s House)

15. Swiss Cross Blanket: These blankets are simply the perfect blend of black, white, modern, chic, comfy, and… well, everything in between. So why not DIY one for yourself? (via My Full House)

We’d love to know how you incorporate black and white into your home. Tell us in the comments below!