Cheers to our first official gold week! From a gorgeous gold cake to a glitzy photo booth, we’ve had a blast glittering things up all around Brit HQ. To celebrate, we’re ushering you into the weekend with 40 of our favorite projects that are all about sparkle, shine and gold, gold, gold.

1. Gold Rosette Headband: Ever made a rosette out of mylar? It happens to be one of the most versatile DIY things you can make — use a few to bling out a headband, add them to drink stirrers or create an entire wall art installation out of larger ones!

2. Gold Animal Drink Stirrers: When in doubt, you can always turn to a gold animal toy… right? These are a fun and quick way to repurpose plastic toys and will most definitely be Instagrammed by all your friends.

3. Gold + White Candle Holders: We created this set of candle holders for the holidays last year, but they totally work year round. Assemble a bunch to create a DIY centerpiece, and sprinkle in some color to brighten things up.

4. Gold Patterned Cactus Planters: Dearest Spiky Cacti, you are the apple of my eye! Grab gold paint or a gold paint pen, and get to work on a plain ceramic planter to create our own take on this stylish piece of decor.

5. Gold Photo Booth Props: If you missed our gold photo booth popping up on the site throughout the week, then you don’t visit us often enough! All you need is a can of spray paint and leftover props from parties past to create a gorgeous gold theme.

6. Gold-Dipped Leather Feather Earrings: Say that five times fast! Inspired by the seemingly evergreen boho trend, we created a trio of leather feather-shaped earrings, dipped in gold.

7. Chic Gilded Pyramid Rings: Want to walk like an egyptian… on your hand? Okay, admittedly that made zero sense, but we had to figure out a way to incorporate The Bangles into this post. So, there you have it. Pyramid rings FTW.

8. Gold Hex Nut Bracelet: Got a hex nut or 20 taking up room in your junk drawer? Turn ’em into this fetching little bracelet!

9. Glitter-Dipped Mason Jar Mugs: What would make a mason jar mug even more Pinteresting? Dipping it in gold and glitter, of course.

10. Gold Animal Wine Stoppers: This little dino is here to keep your wine fresh and your guests entertained.

11. Gold Confetti Champagne Cake: What would a holiday (especially a made up one) be without an epic cake? ;)

12. Gilded iPhone Cases: Back when those ritzy gold iPhones came out, we took it upon ourselves to create copycat cases. They still look pretty glitzy to us!

13. Fancy Gold Bar Cart: Can’t afford a super fancy bar cart? Take an industrial one and spray paint it! Then feel free to cheers yourself after a job well done.

14. Gold Rosette Cake Topper: We meet again, mylar rosettes! This time, an adorable mini cake bunting is getting the golden treatment.

15. Gold Hair Cuffs: Hair cuffs are back, and they’re actually pretty easy to make! We particularly love the cutout pattern on the one of the right.

16. Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats: Warning: If you make these, you will immediately want to dance your face off upon wearing them.

17. Gold Light Bulb Chandelier: You know what’s extremely meta? Making a hanging light out of light bulbs. #lettherebelight

18. Clear Gold Chain Collar: You clearly need this.

19. Gold Dipped Ceramics: If you’ve got an addiction to fresh flowers, you need some vases to put them in! Grab a kit to make a whole bunch of bud vases over in the B+C shop!

20. Gold Star White Russian Cake Pops: White Russian in cake pop form? NOM.

21. Gold Glitter-Filled Tube Necklace: Inspired by the beautiful netted necklaces by Peppercotton, you can fill these tube necklaces with glitter, confetti, sprinkles or beads.

22. Gold Glitter Heels: These heels were made for dancin’ — as are any pair of kicks made by the ladies of Brit + Co.

23. Gold Desk Decor: More animals! You can use these to hold place cards for a wedding or dinner party or just as decor.

24. Glitter Mousepad: We love the idea of using a crazy sparkly mousepad like this in a super minimalist workspace.

25. Gold Thumbtack Wall Art: Thumbtacks + canvas = awesome textured wall art!

26. Gold-Dipped Bud Vases: For yet another take on the gold dipped vase, try using tall glass vases and wrapping them with yarn. We love this idea for a wedding or holiday party centerpiece. You could also try wrapping it a thick strip of patterned paper for a totally different look.

27. Gold and Green Chevron Bar Set: The green bottles of the world don’t all have to turn into sea glass — transform them into gilded glassware for a different take on the painted bottle.

28. Gilded Polar Bear Bookends: Equal parts morbid and cute, this was created by sawing a toy bear in half!

29. Gilded Pet Bowls: Brit + Co pup Mister Porter is very… luxe ;)

30. Gold Pop-Up Pencil Holder: Guess what we made this out of? An old school straw dispenser! Such a fun desktop throwback.

31. Gold Animal Vases: These vases are pretty absurd, but we still love them.

32. Gold Paint-Splattered Travel Case: Love carting around your essential makeup and accessories, but sick of having a million pouches swimming around in your weekender? DIY this cool case.

33. Gold Leaf Flower Pots: The natural pattern that is created when using gold leaf is what makes us love it — the uneven textures have a vintage vibe we dig.

34. Mylar Rosette Swizzle Sticks: What did we tell you about mylar? It’s SO good.

35. Luxe Gold Tray Table: Looking to try building your own furniture? This simple CB2-inspired DIY is a great place to start.

36. Gold Paper Strip Garland: Step 1. Cut paper strips. Step 2. Sew them in a row. Step 3. PARTY!

37. Gold-Dipped Tote: Add a chic edge to a floral fabric by “dipping” the bottom in gold leather.

38. 5-Minute Cement Coasters: We used a cookie pan to create this quick set of coasters!

39. Gold Studded Weekend Totes: The paint and stud combinations are endless with this one — these would make an awesome set of totes for bridesmaids or even favors for wedding guests.

40. Gold Laurel Wreath: And finally, a crown of laurels. Because you’re an Olympian like that ;)

What are you making this weekend? Anything from this list? Talk to us in the comments below.