Playing interior decorator to the kid in your life? Think beyond blue and pink and get inspired by these 15 kids rooms featuring some of our all-time favorite comic book characters and super heroes. Your kid’ll start his or her day with a Bam! and a Pow! when waking up in a room like one of these.

1. Classic Comic Book Posters: Balance bright kiddy colors with retro comic book posters featuring super hero classics like the Hulk, Superman and Captain America. (via DesignSponge)

2. Comic Strip Font: Pack some punch into your kid’s room with bubbly, cartoonish comic book font. (via Travaux)

3. Spell It Out: Put the cartoony comic book-esque font to work and actually spell out your kid’s name. He (or she!) will feel like he’s living in his own comic strip! (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Larger Than Life: Bring characters to life with life-size murals of your kid’s favorite comic book super heroes, like this mural of Wonder Woman. (via DigsDigs)

5. Hello, Kitty: Perennial Comic-Con favorite Hello Kitty gets star treatment with a giant wall cutout and coordinating colors. Me-ow. (via Decoist)

6. Go Graphic: Spiderman pops all the more in this kid’s room with simple white bed sheets and a coordinating graphic striped rug. (via Domicile Blog)

7. The Mouse With the Most: Here’s a great way to introduce your kid to one of your childhood favorites. An old-school Mickey stars in this repeating comic strip wallpaper. (via Graham and Brown)

8. Sittin’ Pretty: Okay, technically this isn’t a kid’s room, but a chair like that would be perfect for a teen who’s equal parts g33k-4-life and tres chic. (via Lea Bassani)

9. Cityscape: The black and white buildings in this baby boy’s room are like a friendlier version of Gotham City. (via MSN Living)

10. Sleek and Slick: Ironman and Co. keep watch over the stylish teen who calls this cool space home. (via The Owner Builder Network)

11. Star Wars Style: With glittery hanging stars and a groovy-looking Storm Trooper, this kid’s room pays stylish homage to one of the most successful movie and comic book franchises ever. (via Maiedae)

12. Pop Art-esque: Looks like this parent was inspired by Roy Liechtenstein‘s oversized, flat-plane-d pop art pieces and channeled that into a simple, kid-friendly version. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. All Over Chrome: Be bold and go for monochromatic high shine in your kid’s space. Clark Kent would approve. (via Nox Mag)

14. Just a Touch: One classic comic book poster in an otherwise utterly girly bedroom can add the perfect unexpected touch. (via Bag-all)

15. Flying high: Paper airplanes for a baby’s mobile made out of pages of a comic book? BAM! A genius idea! (via Lauren Clark’s Blog)

Which room do you — or your kid — think packs the most POW? Tell us in the comments below!