When you’re stuck in a workout rut, there might not be anything quite as motivating as seeing the hot bods on the pages of a magazine like Cosmo. Between lauding the cover girl’s booty and pouring over tips from the trainers who helped her tone that tush, we’re practically ready to jump straight off the boring treadmill and into the glossy for a full-on fitness refresh. But instead of focusing on that fantasy, channel your energy into the realness of Cosmo‘s dedicated online home for on-demand, dynamic workout videos you can do anywhere called CosmoBody, where the magazine really does come to life.

Launched in August as a monthly subscription service, CosmoBody features fast, under 30-minute workouts revamped as fun, strong and seductive routines, ’cause ladies, this is Cosmo. With names like Pre-Happy Hour Workout and Whoa, Your Butt Looks Awesome!, the flirty vids are lead by six top celebrity trainers who act as both tough-loving coaches you actually want to kick ass for and your closest gossip-dishing gfs (and bfs). And the first secret they’re letting you in on? How to get a bod just like their A-list clients, including Jessica Alba, Julianne Hough and Rihanna.

Best yet, your red carpet transformation might be easier to start than you think. With classes that range from relaxing and toning yoga to badass cardio kickboxing to booty poppin’ dance (just to name a few), CosmoBody makes sure there’s an exercise for everyone and every schedule. But the coolest feature, and one that readers of the mag will instantly vibe with, is CosmoBody’s hyper motivating fitness challenges that group individual workouts into tailored-for-you programs. From the six-day Sexier by Saturday to the two-week Revenge Body Workout, (“because looking hot is the best revenge for a broken heart,” says CB) and even a month-long Wowza Wedding Body, you’ll be ready to lace up and sweat it out from the second you click.

Subscriptions cost $9.95/month, a totally fair trade to have these stylized vids at your fingertips (and soon on over-the-top devices like Roku and smart TVs!). Plus, CB users can track their workouts and get the scoop on exclusive content + lifestyle tips, including healthy meal suggestions, guilt-free booze recipes, swear-in-style tips, how to let loose on your off days, and of course, insights on all things sex. Yeah, the next time you get moving, you might want to leave your glossies on your coffee table.

Have you used CosmoBody? What celeb workout routines do want the scoop on? Tell us in the comments below.